Some Chipotle employees say they are glad the chain has cracked down on an order for a $3 burrito that was making their lives miserable.

Some Chipotle employees say they are glad the chain has cracked down on an order for a $3 burrito that was making their lives miserable.

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  • Some Chipotle customers have been using social media “hack” to get burrito-sized portions for just $3 by ordering tacos with extra sides.

  • Five workers told Insider that the hack created a headache behind the scenes.

  • Workers said they couldn’t meet service quotas because splitting the extra sides was taking too long.

Chipotle only Suppression of viral penetration Customers were only allowed to pay $3 for a burrito, and some of the staff were thrilled.

Smart customers have discovered that by ordering one taco plus each free topping on the side and a $40 tortilla, they can create a dish similar to a regular burrito that typically costs $9 or more. The idea Spread on social mediaespecially tik tok and other short video platforms.

Workers say it was a disaster behind the scenes. Five Chipotle workers in five states, who asked not to be identified because they are not authorized to speak to the press but whose identities are known to Insider, explained why they hated the viral orders.

A crew member in New York said the orders were “very annoying and confusing” because the tacos were disrupting the flow of the assembly line. Each taco order using this hack entails up to eight sides that must be divided separately into cups and packaged, the worker said, and it “takes longer than you think.”

A service manager in Ohio felt similarly. Taco orders will slow down the whole process for everyone, and customers will be upset. She told Insider that those who used the order hack “will get aggressive when we put the proper taco-sized portions into the cups” rather than the larger burrito-sized portions on the side that social media creators have been touting.

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They also noted that it was a “huge waste of single-use plastic”, to put each lid on the side of the cups.

“It was appallingly obvious [customers using the hack] They were trying to do it and it was annoying everyone just trying to do their jobs.”

Chipotle put an end to the hack on Wednesday.

“Guests are currently unable to order a taco on one of our online ordering systems. And while we’ve long embraced customizations and even released our own hack list, the current social media trend is leading to a poor experience for our food, staff, and customers waiting for orders” Chipotle told Insider in a statement.

Several workers told Insider that these complex requests make it difficult or even impossible to achieve goals measured by the number of clients served in a given time frame. A manager in Texas confirmed that side portions of tacos dramatically increase those times, which could lead to fewer hours for employees. A Midwest worker said it was a “waste of plastic, time, and inventory.”

“Our employees are our greatest asset, and we are committed to providing a positive experience for our teams and ultimately our guests,” Chipotle Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Laurie Shallow told Insider in a statement.

The massive demand for digital orders was already an issue for some Chipotle workers, who previously told Insider Orders come faster A store that is understaffed Handling ability. The staff said that tacos and other hacking methods only exacerbated these problems.

“We literally don’t have time for this,” the New York worker said.

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