Sources close to Jim Harbaugh believe it’s a “done deal” if he gets an NFL offer

Sources close to Jim Harbaugh believe it’s a “done deal” if he gets an NFL offer

Written by Bruce Feldman, Nicole Auerbach, Austin Meek, and Nick Cosmeder

said multiple sources close to Jim Harbaugh the athlete On monday they predict he will leave michigan to NFL If the franchisor offers him a coaching job. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Harbaugh compiled a record of 74-25 over eight seasons at Michigan. led the Wolverine Back-to-back between Big Ten titles and college football playoffs.
  • The deal to buy the coach is only $3 million this year, and it’s getting lower every year in his new deal. The total amount due will be due within 60 days of resignation. Harbaugh could be fired for cause if he participated in a job search without telling the athletic director, according to his contract.
  • “I think it’s a good deal if he gets an offer,” said a source close to Harbou.

the athleteInstant Analysis:

background story

Last year, Harbaugh, who led Michigan to its first title in 17 years, sought a return to the NFL.

On Signing Day in 2022, Harbaugh met with the Minnesota Vikings But in the end, she didn’t get the job. He told reporters afterward, “There was a pull to the NFL because I got close to the Super Bowl, but this is the time. And this is the last time. Now let’s go chase college football’s biggest prize.”

This year, Harbaugh led his university to an even more impressive season, going undefeated in the regular season and dominating their archrival. Ohio State, repeatedly. This time, it happened in Columbus and the Wolverines won, 45-23.

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Over the past two seasons, Harbaugh has shown that he has continued to evolve as a head coach and that his program has achieved a significant turnaround. UM was a big favorite going into the College Football Playoff semifinal game this past weekend vs TCUAnd the But I got annoyedAnd now, with NFL teams once again paying strong attention to 58-year-old Herbaugh, his next move will be fascinating to watch. back, perhaps to Denver Broncos or his old team Indianapolis ColtsIt can be very tempting. – Feldman

Harbaugh Record

Harbaugh is 44-19-1 as an NFL coach.

took over 49ers in 2011 after the organization went eight years without a winning season and led them to the NFC title game in their debut season. In his sophomore season, he took them to the Super Bowl where they lost to his brother, John Baltimore Crows Team. In Year 3, the Harbaugh 49ers returned to the NFC Title Game. His team went 8-8 in his fourth and final season before returning to college to take over Michigan. – Feldman

Why would it make sense bronco

After hiring three first-time head coaches in a row who have failed to achieve a winning record in any of their six seasons combined, previous head coaching experience is almost certainly a prerequisite in the eyes of Denver’s new ownership group. Harbaugh’s success with the 49ers — a 44-19-1 record and a three-game NFC Championship streak — will certainly be attractive to a franchise that hasn’t reached the playoffs since 2015.

There is, too Stanford Connection. Broncos CEO Greg Benner and his wife, co-owner Carrie Walton Benner, both attended graduate school at the university. Limited contributor Condoleezza Rice, part of the Denver search committee, has deep ties to Stanford, where Harbaugh coached from 2007 to 2010. Rice recently helped Stanford conduct its search for a replacement for longtime coach David Shaw.

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As Boehner pointed out in his media address last month after The shooting of Nathaniel Hackett that he was looking for executive-type qualities in the team’s next head coach, who would report directly to Penner. That would be a box checked by Harbaugh, who has spent the past 19 seasons as a head coach at the college or pro level.

“I’ve worked with a lot of great CEOs,” Benner said on Dec. 27, “and it started with really strong leadership. That’s going to be the most important factor here at the head coach. X and O’s are obviously important, but we need a strong leader for this organization that You focus on winning. That starts with culture. It instills a sense of accountability and discipline. We need identity over offense. At the starting point, it has to be about culture and leadership. Those characteristics are what we’ll focus the most on.” – Cosmider

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