Star Wars Outlaws Pre-Order Guide

Star Wars Outlaws Pre-Order Guide

It's official: Star Wars Outlaws It will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on August 30. Ubisoft shared the news alongside a new trailer for the upcoming next-gen game, an original adventure set in the ever-expanding gaming galaxy based on the beloved Lucasfilm franchise. You can pre-order the game starting today, April 9, and there are several incentives to get your ticket early to play.

It is developed by Massive Entertainmentoutlaws It follows main character Kay Vess and her trusty alien companion Nix as they navigate the galactic criminal underworld. It takes place in a range of familiar locations, including Tatooine and Canto Bight, alongside Kijimi, Akiva, and a brand new planet called Toshara. The trailer suggests that Vess is looking to pull off a big heist from Zerek Besh's posh family to buy her freedom.

It is rare to see a star Wars A game where the protagonist is female, and it's also rare to see one that takes place in an open world — Outlaws It's the first, actually. If the work done by Ubisoft Avatar: The Frontiers of Pandora Is there any indication, we should be in place for treatment. Keep reading for a quick recap of all the pre-order details, including skins, post-launch DLC, and other goodies that define each edition.

Pre-order any version of Star Wars Outlaws Unlocks the Kessel Runner Bonus Pack, which includes a skin for both the Spaceship Speeder and Trailblazer. The Standard Edition costs $69.99, and you can currently pre-order physical copies for PS5 and Xbox Series Best buy, GameStopAnd Goal, where the latter offers an exclusive steel box. If you prefer a digital copy, you can pre-order it directly from Play Station or Microsoft And also for computers running Windows on Ubisoft website.

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Gold edition of Star Wars Outlaws It lets you play three days early and bundles the Season Pass for $109.99. The pass offers two pieces of post-launch downloadable content that expand the story with new missions and environments. You'll also get the bonus Jabba's Gambit quest at launch, as well as the Kessel Runner Character Pack containing additional skins for Kay and Nix. Physical copies are available for PS5 and Xbox Series Best buy, GameStopAnd Goal (Which is cast in an exclusive steel book). You can also pre-order it digitally via Microsoft or Play Station Or on PC via Ubisoft online storefront.

Final edition of Star Wars Outlaws It retails for $129.99 and contains everything from the Gold Edition plus two more new-look cosmetic packs for Kay, Nix, your Speeder, and your Trailblazer. It also comes with a digital art book showcasing the concept art and cinematic storyboards its developers used to design the game.

As of this writing, physical copies of the Definitive Edition are not available for pre-order, but you can pre-order the digital version of the Definitive Edition. PS5 And Xbox Series Through their storefronts and Windows computers On the Ubisoft website. You can also subscribe to Ubisoft Plus Premium for $17.99 per month, which includes day one access to the full Definitive Edition at no additional cost on PC, Xbox, and Amazon's Luna cloud gaming service.

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