October 4, 2023

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Starfield’s complex object physics blows players’ minds

Starfield’s complex object physics blows players’ minds

Bethesda RPGs are known for their sprawling worlds, diverse quests, and moral choices. but Starfield It also impresses players With some amazing detail when it comes to small objects scattered throughout the environments, and the physics of how they interact with each other.

Players pick up and store random objects in He falls And Sheikh Manuscripts For years. Starfield It’s no different, despite the sheer scale with which players can tinker with everything Sandwiches to Coffee cups He impressed people. The first example that really made an impression was a starship full of potatoes.

Earlier this week, user Moozipan shared a video on Starfield subreddit on September 4 called “Time to let go of somethingThe clip showed a hatch open on the Frontier ship to reveal hundreds of potatoes strutting down the hallway. Not only was Moozipan collecting all the wild produce and putting it on board their wild ship so painstakingly, but it was also about how each potato was rolled out. Individualized in complex but smooth animation.

The clip spread across social media. “This is really amazing, actually.” chirp Digital Foundry John Linneman. “The fact that these objects all have physics is impressive.” The subreddit, where it is currently the third most popular post, was in even greater disbelief. “The physics of the spills were beautiful,” one fan wrote. “It’s crazy to think it was presented in real time,” another wrote. A third added: “And that the game did not chew itself alive, which led to the appearance of this large number of potatoes.”

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Gamers have been blown away by the similar amount of real-time flexibility when it comes to other things. While sticking buckets over NPCs’ heads Keeping them from seeing you steal stuff remains a skill of Bethesda RPG 101, where one hard-working player managed to steal a lot of items simply by shoving them into containers and then carrying them around without technically adding them to their inventory.

A very unique way to steal a lot of credits (game physics in action)“Reads the title of the last clip to be captured Starfield Society by the storm. Reposting screenshots from September 4It shows them holding a desk organizer and using it to push credit chips into the laundry basket. They then carry the laundry basket, filled with $2,000 in space, until they reach a safe spot in the kitchen where they can pick up the loot without risk. “Dude, I did the same thing yesterday,” one commenter wrote. “Gotta love Bethesda games.”

There was a lot of discussion about Why Starfield It only runs at 30fps On Xbox Series X/S when other Next Gen games push performance modes that provide 60fps. I’m by no means a technical expert when it comes to game performance, but a sophisticated interplay between object physics and object permanence like this seems to be one good reason for that. Perhaps most surprising of all, Starfield It still manages to let fans indulge in their quirky gameplay while rarely crashing or crashing the way some of Bethesda’s previous games have.

It’s by no means a perfect game, but I can’t wait to see what players discover and what they can do next.

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