Surgeon’s details Bengals QB Go Buro recovered from knee surgery

Surgeon's details Bengals QB Go Buro recovered from knee surgery

Joe BoroughBack to the field by week 1 The 2021 NFL season has been celebrated. It was impressive to have the Bengals midfielder back in time to start the season after him Rip his ACL and MCL During the junior season, in addition to taking damage to the PCL.

But the reality can now be addressed – Boro was not the same. He wasn’t the player you’d see on the field on Sunday for Super Bowl LVI against the Los Angeles Rams. He was playing, but not dancing.

And according to the doctor who repaired Burrow’s knee and moved the wheels for a dramatic comeback that would lead him to be in the NFL Best comeback player of the yearThe differences are noticeable.

“The thing I’ve seen in November and December is what everyone at LSU has seen – he can run,” said Dr. Neil Atrash of the Kirlan Jobe Orthopedic Clinic, who performed the procedure in Borough. “The kid could run and dodge people and he was out of reach. If you watched him in a movie and saw where he was in that first game, you would notice that he got better as the season went on. And he was throwing in there, he was throwing the ball really well, but he started doing more in ways Difficult passing as the season goes on. This indicates that he is very confident.”

Watching Burrow week after week, he seems to be really improving later in the season. The stats show that, too.

From week 10 onwards, Burrow improved his completion percentage (71.7% compared to 68.2%), passing yardage (295.6 to 277.4), TD to INT ratio (18-5 to 20-11) and passing rating (109.2 to 102.6). He’s also been thrown in five 300-yard games since Week 13 having only hit that mark twice before then.

And with ElAattrache noting the gymnastics of late, Burrow’s play also showed that. The burrow averaged 2.1 yards per carry during week 9 and 3.6 yards since.

“It is very dangerous when the ball is in his hands and he has taken the match to the opponent now,” said Al-Atrash, who is the Ramez team doctor. “He just doesn’t let it come to him. He’s aggressive. At first, he was just feeling. But then there’s been a whole new aggressiveness in the last couple of months.”

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