System Shock gets a May 30th release date for PC after a successful demo

System Shock gets a May 30th release date for PC after a successful demo
Zoom in / Nearly 30 years later, it looks like a room full of dismembered corpses a lot more lively.

We’ll have to wait a little longer for the long-awaited remake from Nightdive Studios system shock. The PC version of the game, which was expected to launch this month, is now targeting a May 30 release date on Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store, according to a report. advertisement Which came in the voice of the series’ antagonist AI Shodan. Night Dive added that the PC version will be followed by the PlayStation and Xbox versions “in due course”.

“We were hoping to have the game on the market by the end of March, but that turned out to be out of our reach,” the developers wrote. “We are after all just human (unlike Shodan!).”

The long way to this system shock A remake started in 2016, when Nightdive Raised $1.35 million via Kickstarter For what he called “a complete remake of the genre-defining classic from 1994, rebuilt from the ground up using the Unity Engine”. Active development later moved to Unreal Engine but that was it Putting a hiatus in early 2018shortly after the team fell short of its initial goal in December 2017.

During the hiatus, Nightdive scaled back what it called “feature creep” in the project and refocused on a target 2020 release date. The first batch of early demos for the game were released in late 2019, but the game will continue to miss its expected release dates. in 2021 And 2022 With continued development.

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Almost complete demo of the game Launched in February, prompting Ars’ Kevin Purdy to praise the game’s updated, familiar graphics and overhauled interface. He said of the demo: “The feelings of dread, the slightly disoriented and lack of resources, and the feeling that there’s really a rogue AI working against you should be easier to access in this game than in the original.”

Night Dive system shock New edition completely separate from a system shock 3 The sequel to the project, whose death was officially confirmed last March by series creator Warren Spector.

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