Tems was criticized for her Oscars outfit obscuring the view of people behind her

Tems was criticized for her Oscars outfit obscuring the view of people behind her


You are in the dress.. down in the front!!!

Big swipe at the Oscars outfit

tims She popped up at the Oscars, blocking the view of the people sitting behind her… and while the people there were being polite, Twitter gave her a leg up.

The Nigerian singer — who was in attendance Sunday for her musical act on “Wakanda Forever” — had one of the awards show’s most memorable moments…a voluminous white dress that draped over and over her shoulders, which made her look like a human flower.

I am crying

It touches to make that lady fight for her life pic.twitter.com/Js06VdbyyU

– Alex Medina (@mrmedina) March 13, 2023

The problem… when she sat down, ‘her physique kind of caused a huge distraction – both on screen to the viewers, and certainly to everyone else sitting in the rows behind her.

During the broadcast, there were several moments where you could see the people behind Tims peering over her shoulder to get a glimpse of the stage or Kimmel. It was so funny… they were obviously challenged by her dress and had to do a sneak peek to see the action. No one seemed to say anything to her.

Imagine you’ve been waiting for the Oscars your whole life and you end up sitting behind a Stratus cloud. pic.twitter.com/HQ8lSYQBUV

– Jarrett Bellini March 13, 2023

The same couldn’t be said of Bird…’ because a lot of users were really pissed off about the fact that she was wearing something a little too big, which would probably cause some blind spots in the theater. A bunch called it “shameless”…the others found it funny. Variety bag.

Tems hasn’t said anything about it herself…and she probably doesn’t have to. Anger comes and goes, and that will explode soon enough.

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