September 25, 2023

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“That was very satisfying to see.”

“That was very satisfying to see.”

“rolling coal” It is a practice in which drivers modify their pickup trucks to make them emit massive amounts of black exhaust to show their opposition to environmental protection (the exhaust is often targeted at electric cars and cyclists).

Not only is it obnoxious, but this practice poses a danger to other vehicles on the road.

It can also be dangerous to the coal rollers themselves, as shown in one video to publish Recently to r/IdiotsInCars subreddit, where a pickup truck driver rolled coal at another driver while overtaking him and then proceeded to accelerate through the speed trap.

Image source: u/Yuyu_Z / Reddit

Other Redditors were happy at the end of the video, where the coal drum was pulled out.

“He couldn’t have overtaken the car normally, he had to be obsessed with it. Real karma,” one commentator said books.

Another ‘very satisfactory’ books. “But how dare that white car not realize that this wonderful truck needs the entire highway and drive off immediately?”

Last month, another driver took to Reddit to share a dashcam video of a coal drum crashing into a barrier between the exit ramp and the freeway in an attempt to spread diesel fumes across four lanes.

Unfortunately, although modifying your truck to allow it to roll coal is illegal, the practice itself is. Not specifically illegal In most states, police officers are left to make decisions about whether to stop drivers who engage in it.

However, speeding will likely be enforced.

“That was very satisfying to see,” another Redditor said Comment Video under the speed trap.

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“Instant. Karma,” books last.

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