February 25, 2024

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The British are playing politics at the expense of children

The British are playing politics at the expense of children

You may call me a fool, but I have always believed that the large sums of money sent to the corporations that manage our school system are used to provide better educational services to children.

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Well, I was wrong.

Among our English-speaking friends, the millions we send annually to the English Montreal School Board are used to fight laws adopted by a democratically elected government!

Children don't see color!

The sky is the limit!

It was from this that the journalist Patrick Pellirose came Quebec Journal Last Thursday.

An English Montreal school board has spent at least $1.3 million in public money to challenge the state's secularism law in court.

Not only that!

This is just the beginning! At the English Montreal School Board, we will continue the fight against Bill 21 and Bill 96 all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary!

And how much does it cost!

“There is no maximum amount,” President Joe Ortona declared during a public meeting on December 19.

Either way, public money from the tax payers and the government will be spent in hell!

Why use this money to educate the youth when we can use it to fatten the coffers of law firms?

Come on, hop on, spin the counter!

Above all, don't cut us off, Mr. Legault and Mr. Trainville, we need government money to put obstacles in your way!

It's not the law, it's the problem

According to Joe Ortona, the law on secularism has a direct effect on the quality of education provided to 21 children because it is “discriminatory” and “prevents the English Montreal school board from hiring certain teachers based on arbitrary criteria”.

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In other words, it prevents the hiring of Muslim teachers.

This is wrong.

First, the majority of Muslim women do not wear the veil.

Hijab-wearing Muslim girls agree to remove their hijabs while in class.

And if a woman with an education degree chooses not to work as a teacher and bury her dream rather than take off her veil during her work hours, it's not because of Legault's government or Act 21.

It was because of his extreme conviction about religion.

Let her complain to the imam! He is the one who prevents her from working!

Look, two imams (among them Zarqawi and Hamza Choui) recently – during a sermon in a mosque – said that Muslims should not work as organized people because their job is to see the private parts of the opposite sex.

They also say that Muslim hair stylists should never “plump” because their God will punish them!!!

(They say nothing about longu cut, using curlers, or wearing toupies.)

Is the government preventing Muslims from working in CHSLDs and hospitals?

New Equality Party

If citizens want to challenge the validity of Acts 21 and 96 in court, no problem! After all, we live in a democracy and governments are not above the law.

But a school board doesn't use a portion of its budget for operations!

In fact, we suspected it, but it is now clear…

The English Montreal School Board is more than a school board: it is the new egalitarian party.

A lobby that actively “defends” the cause of Anglo-Quebecers.

Anglophones do not recognize themselves in the National Assembly. They no longer identify themselves with the Liberal Party of Quebec (which they consider…too nationalist!).

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Their “vehicle,” now, is their megaphone, their school board.

This is called task rotation.

As Joseph Fagel told me at QUB: “The English Montreal School Board is a Canadian Trojan horse in the territory of Quebec. The only difference: the players don't hide on the horse, but ride it!”

Is Jesus a heaven?

Spanish ultraconservatives were shocked by a poster of Jesus unveiled during Holy Week celebrations. They thought he was too feminine and not masculine enough.

I have some news for them. A few years ago, anthropologists presented the most faithful representation of Jesus in their view. It is based on the way people ate, climate, and lifestyles at that time.

Conclusion: Jesus was a short, fat man with an olive complexion and dark hair. We are far from Jesus Christ Superstar!

Not easy, note!

Question about tipping: Let's say you tip 15%. This means that a server who serves you a $40 wine will have a $6 tip, while a server who serves a $100 wine will have a $15 tip. And yet it does the same thing!

Does this mean that a suitcase carrier carrying an expensive suitcase should receive a bigger tip than someone carrying a discounted suitcase?

And the girl in the locker room? Does her tip vary depending on the value of the line she hangs on the hanger? Does the same go for the teenager who stops the cars? Five dollars for a Toyota, fifteen for a Lexus?

Legault exaggerates

Opposition parties told the CAQ that citizens should stop saying they can access ministers if they donate $100. François Legault replied that the CAQ would no longer seek private funding.

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This is not throwing the baby out with the bathwater. It blows the whole bath out of the water! Smashing the bathroom with a sledgehammer!

No one asked CAQ to go this far!