The first snow of the year is coming to Quebec

Published on August 31, 2023 at 11:18 pm.

It’s already starting in Quebec. forecast.

A huge contradiction

Southern Quebec is preparing to experience intense heat from the first days of September. However, in the meantime, the temperature drops due to the atmospheric trough, especially at night. In the south of the province, the mercury approached freezing, especially in the Lower Laurentians with minimum temperatures below 5°C. Further north, it was even colder.

Winter 1

The earth freezes

Frost began to appear in Quebec. In fact, on August 30, in La Grande, the minimum reached -1°C. Later, during the night from Wednesday to Thursday, Lac Benoît recorded -1.9 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, on the outskirts of Quebec, snow fell on the Labrador side. These flakes may have been washed onto the land of the lower north bank. On average, the first snowflakes arrive around September 1st in Canada and September 11th in Quebec.

Winter 2

Snow already

Models indicate snow in northern Quebec. Some areas north of Kujjuwak will receive the first snowflakes of the season. These first signs of winter occur in early September in northern regions. However, in more populated areas of the province, the first snowfall does not occur until October on average.

Winter 4

Bertin Ossonon and Rejean Ouimet, in collaboration with meteorologists.

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