The last day of the demonstration in Quebec

In the morning after a party-like demonstration in Quebec City, some opponents of health measures began re-investing in Parliament Hill for a final day of protest.

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Despite some misbehavior the previous day, the event promises to be friendly and family friendly again, one of the organizers, Keven Bilodeau, promised on Facebook.

Note that four people were arrested by authorities for violating criminal law or municipal regulations.

The Quebec City Police Service (SPVQ) also said it had issued 99 criminal reports on Saturday, but added 28 more after the last report.

In his video, Mr. Piloto also called for a health emergency, believing that “scientific evidence” would be needed to maintain it. He calls on his supporters to “shout (sic) loudly.”


At 11 a.m. the organizers’ speech was to take place on the stage in front of the Tourney Fountain. But this has been postponed. By 11.30am more than a hundred protesters were there.

At René-Lévesque Boulevard, several heavy trucks parked there had already left the convoy.

Sixty lorries, tractors, semi-trailers and buses from the previous day are only twenty left.

No declaration of respect

Authorities have not yet issued courtesy notices to truck drivers to leave the area, as they did last time. For now, we hope they will clear the public road once the demonstration ends at 5pm.

“Will they be needed? We are not sure at this time. We are in touch with the organizers and we are closely monitoring the situation,” said SPVQ spokeswoman Mary-Pierre Reward.

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