The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 drops to $999 for the first time

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 drops to $999 for the first time

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 gets 16.6% off

The NVIDIA RTX 4080 graphics card, which debuted last year at $1,199, has just gotten a huge price cut. Although there has been a gradual decrease in the price over time, the market has not seen any major fluctuations in its cost – until now.

MSI, which has been quick on recent price cuts for its Radeon and GeForce series in the past few months, has revealed tempting offer As for the RTX 4080. At $1099, the graphics card comes with an additional $100 off by using a coupon. This deal effectively lowers the price to an unprecedented level $999marking the first time this card was available for less than $1,000.

MSI RTX 4080 at $999, Source: Newegg

While these lower prices haven’t yet reached all regions, European gamers can now take advantage of the lower cost as well, with the RTX 4080 available at €1,159 – a notable 12.7% drop from its original price. Meanwhile, more attractive offers can be found in China, where the same SKU is currently selling for 13.7% less, offsetting the impact of higher exchange rates.

RTX 4080 Pricing (MSRP → Current):

  • we: $1,199 – $999 (-16.6%)
  • European Union: 1329 € → 1159 € (-12.7%)
  • CN: ¥9499 → 8199 (-13.7%)

Newegg’s offer is part of the “Fantastech” promotion that runs from today until July 9th. Please note that pricing and availability may vary in different regions and interested buyers are advised to check with local retailers for specific details.

source: Newegg via Vectral

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