The Slaw is back: The RH Rotor pedals that rule the sky for $475

The Slaw is back: The RH Rotor pedals that rule the sky for $475
Zoom / New Temp: RH vanes on the right, compared to older RX vanes on the left.

Lee Hutchinson

It’s always exciting to see an email pop up from Wiaczesław Oziabło – aka ‘Slaw’ from behind Slaw device. Engineer and supplier of high-end flight control pedals for the “crazy enthusiast” market, famous for producing devices that don’t look like computer peripherals and look a lot like shiny metal artwork.

it’s even more Exciting when this email promises something new and cool. Oziabło wrote “After a long break, we have continued and finalized preparations for the production of the RH Rotor rudder pedals. At the moment, I have several sets of these rudder pedals, which were only used for photos and videos.” He offered to send me one of the semi-finished pre-production models for a review, noting that it would have only slight differences from the machines running production.

I agreed right away, and two weeks later DHL deposited a heavy box on the front porch. It had the Slaw Device’s latest offering: the RH Rotor pedals.

RH . vanes

Let’s start with two things: First, these pedals are great. Second, these pedals cost $475.

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I’m raising the price now because for many people, it’s going to be a deal breaker. And although RH rotors are cheaper than Thrustmaster TPRs (which I Revised in 2018 And Which now costs $599), and while you should be crazy to choose a mass-produced Thrustmaster instead of these handcrafted beauties, you can’t get around the fact that $475 is Many of money to one party. And it’s not even a joystick — it’s a set of 3-axis pedals intended to provide yaw control for an aircraft or spacecraft.

If you can afford it, you get a very solid device that will likely last you for a decade or more. Like previous Slaw Devices, the RH Rotors are a threaded jig of sliding metal struts and plates built around a center cylinder cam with two different couplings, one with a clear center bezel and the other smooth. Most of the console is made of powder-coated aluminum and steel, and the entire device weighs 7.7 kg. There is very little assembly required – you have to attach the pedal levers and toe brake supports – but it takes about five minutes max, and all the tools you need are provided in the accessory kit.

The RH rotors feature a wide, tall base studded with non-slip rubber pads; The pedals are designed to be stable and usable on any type of flooring you may have. It also has mounting holes if you want to lock the pedals in place in the cockpit (or directly on the ground if that’s how you roll).

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