The Super Mario Bros. Movie Will Pass $1 Billion At The Global Box Office On Sunday – Deadline

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Will Pass $1 Billion At The Global Box Office On Sunday – Deadline

sunday update; Update to the latest: … Lighting / Nintendo / Universal Super Mario Bros movie It had a stellar run as it hit the $1 billion mark at the global box office as of Sunday. It now becomes 10y Animated film in history has exceeded 1 billion dollars worldwide, which is the 10thy The biggest animated film of all time worldwide, surpassing Despicable Me 2 And Disciples: The Rise of Gru. Super Mario Bros movie It is the third lighting title to reach the billion dollar mark.

The juggernaut has been turned into an extra device from $68.3 million This course is in 80 overseas markets, thus updating its international receipts through Sunday to $532.5 million. Worldwide, appreciation even today is 1.022 billion dollars.

Notably, Japan opened this weekend. On 776 screens, it debuted a whopping $14.3 million to score the biggest opening weekend ever for an animated studio film, as well as the biggest Saturday box office in global history – topping Jurassic World Dominion. in just two days, Super Mario It became Universal’s fastest film to reach 1 billion yen, and the weekend result was the biggest worldwide opening of all time.

to go on a date, Super Mario He performs above many companies. For example, with the exception of difficult China, it is over jurassic world up 12%, ahead of 16% Frozen II27% ahead Minions32% more beauty and the beast; 33% advanced Spider-Man: Far From Home And 51% over last year Minions: The Rise of a Gru.


Ex, Saturday: And it was just a matter of time. With estimates through Sunday, Illumination/Nintendo/Universal Super Mario Bros movie Tomorrow, it is expected to exceed $1 billion worldwide, becoming the first release of 2023 to the milestone, and the fifth of the epidemic era. You will get there in 26 days. Wahoo!

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The Aaron Horvath/Michael Jelinek-directed juggernaut sailed past $900 million worldwide earlier this week through Friday at $970 million. So, 483 million dollars From the international box office, domestic at $487 million.

This weekend included openings at major companies in Korea and Japan. As of Friday, Korea’s grossing $1.65 million is in second place. In Japan, play is strong.

This is the third title from Chris Meldandri’s “The Lighting” to cross the billion-dollar mark.

Super Mario Bros It was already the first release of 2023 globally. Reaching $1 billion means Mario & Luigi is now the biggest animated title worldwide since 2019 and the studio’s No. 1 animated film in the same period. Super Mario It is now the #3 biggest worldwide animated film of all time, (behind Minions And despicable me 3 after exceeding it Minions: The Rise of a Gru).

Other Milestones: The Plumbers is Universal’s seventh-biggest film of all time worldwide, and they’re beating the beat Jurassic World Dominion And despicable me. Pic also ranks as the fourth biggest film since 2019 in surpassing global ticket sales Jurassic World DominionAnd Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness And Minions: The Rise of a Gru.

Meledandri was at CinemaCon in Las Vegas last week and on Thursday received the award for Excellence in Animation. At the time, he recounted that on its opening weekend, he snuck into three different movie theaters to see the crowds watching the movie. On the first, he said, the audience consisted of grandparents, kids, spouses, and people dressed up who “had a great time.” He noted, “It dawned on me that at that moment there were 25,000 theaters around the world showing our film and that there was a level of joy that we were bringing to those audiences at a time when the world needed joy. Badly.” The film made history with the largest worldwide opening ever for an animated title.

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He told the assembled exhibitors, “This whole art form is not going to slip through our fingers because everyone here is determined to make it as cool as ever.”

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