April 21, 2024

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The tulip should make less noise, but is “here to stay.”

The tulip should make less noise, but is “here to stay.”

The owners of La Tulipe were also ordered to pay $1,500 in restitution to their neighbors. Pierre-Yves Beaudouin bought the building next to the performance hall on Avenue Papineau in 2016. This includes commercial premises and residential premises, including owner-occupied apartments.

He had been complaining since 2017 about noise and noise coming from the sound equipment in the theatre. Regarding shouting, arguing and any commotion by La Tulipe customersCan read in the resolution.

Harassment has no right, Justice Azimuddin Hussain asserted. The noise represents an extraordinary nuisance and the defendants are liable.

Upcoming sound insulation work

La Tulipe didn’t lose the entire line, however, as Pierre-Yves Beaudoin demanded a clean and simple stop to all noise from the performance hall, an additional $40,000. Harassment and discomfort he claims to have suffered to this day due to the noise.

The performance hall, formerly owned by Gilles Latulippe, is therefore wanted Add a sound extra thickness to the party wallOnce the City of Montreal issues the necessary permit to work.

It must respect sound limits established by Vinacoustic Inc., which Mr. Beaudoin was commissioned to assess the level of noise heard by residents of the building and make recommendations.

Luc Rabouin, Mayor of Plateau-Mont-Royal.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Tulip is here to staySays the mayor of Plateau-Mont-Royal

Neither La Tribu, La Tulipe’s manager and owner, nor the city of Montreal responded to Radio-Canada’s interview requests. However, Luc Rabouin, mayor of the borough of Plateau-Mont-Royal and member of the City of Montreal’s executive board, spoke on the matter in a statement.

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One thing is for sure, La Tulipe is here to stay. We are in touch with the owner and have spoken to him [mardi matin]And meetings are scheduled this week to determine next stepsMedia Secretary of the Executive Committee Mary Kim Goudreault said in a statement.

We will take time to analyze the judgment and do what is necessary to support them and treat this case as a priority. […] The cultural vitality of the metropolis and the plateau is a wealth to be preserved.

With information from culture columnist Catherine Richter on the show 15-18.