February 25, 2024

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Third Day Strike: Frustrated parents need to be very smart

Third Day Strike: Frustrated parents need to be very smart

On Thursday, the third day of the general front strike that marks the start of an indefinite walkout by the Federation of Autonomous Education (FAE), parents of students already don’t know where to look for a guardian for their child.

Parents are already being forced to redouble their wits to find alternative solutions to keep children out of school for three days, with Quebec’s union conflict unresolved.

While some people are lucky enough to leave their children with their grandparents, not many have the time to take care of their children or go out for activities like going to the movies.

The hardness of the union conflict did not reveal hope for a happy outcome, while the Interprofessional Health Federation (FIQ) joined the opposition and the FAE, which represents 40% of teachers in Quebec, stuck to its positions.

While a conciliator has been trying for two days to unravel the Common Front standoff, the FAE appears to be looking for “new ways” in the face of the impasse in talks.

To keep pressure on the Legault government, the FAE has called for a Grande Marche on Thursday, which will take place at the corner of Saint-Laurent Boulevard and Gary-Carter Street near Jarry Park in Montreal.

Earlier, the General Front unions will observe a rally in front of the Cégep Maisonneuve de Montréal, starting their third and final day of strike, while the FIQ will do the same in front of the Santa-Cabrini Hospital.

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