April 17, 2024

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Third link: Duhaime vouches for selected caquis in the Quebec region

Third link: Duhaime vouches for selected caquis in the Quebec region

Mr. Faced with Legault’s treachery, you now have only two options: submit to party policy or honor the trust of your constituents.He wrote in a letter sent Saturday to the 14 elected coquists of Quebec and Chaudière-Appalachian. If you choose to stand, I extend my hand to you and invite you to talk to me, get to know us better, and see if our compatibility goes beyond the 3rd Motorway link.

According to our information, only Ministers Genevieve Guilbault and Eric Keir did not receive an invitation from the leader of the Conservative Party.

Member for Louis-Hébert was not welcome PCQ Because it is considered responsible for the decline reported this week. As for Eric Keir, activists believe he has reneged on his word, who risked his seat in January 2018 if the third merger did not go through.

François Legault’s party broke its promise this week by abandoning plans for a third twin-pipeline with automobile routes.

The new version of the project, reserved for public transport, does not yet have a route and the cost is unknown.

This change of course was greeted like a cold shower by the elected officials of Bellezas, Levis and Beuys.

Luc Provençal closes the door…for now

Caquiste MP for Beauce-Nord, Luc Provençal, did not hide his disappointment when he said several mayors had contacted him earlier this week to express their displeasure. Other elected officials, such as Bernard Trinville and Martin Biron, were also upset by the abandonment.

Called on Saturday, Mr. Provençal says he has no intention of joining Eric Duheim’s party at the moment. No answer at this pointhe said.

However, he doesn’t seem offended by this recruiting effort PCQ.

Mr. The fact that Duhaim likes to have me by his side means he knows I’m a good representative for riding. »

A quote Luc Provençal, CAQ MP for Beause-Nord

Before the previous election campaign, Mr. Luc Provençal says Duheim approached him. I took the time to consult people in my riding, but after thinking, I decided to represent the CAQ.he said. [Éric Duhaime] I definitely see the potential in me.

Beuys-Sud’s MP, Samuel Bowlin, told Radio-Canada that Eric Duhaime’s offer was a “double lock.”


To Eric Duheim, This attack is a golden opportunity to be in the newsPhilippe Dubois, professor of public and political communication at the National School of Public Administration (ENAP), believes so.

By making it public, he [braque] He drew the attention of those who questioned him personally.

After failing to elect a deputy president in the last provincial elections, Eric Duheim’s party is looking for a separatist that would allow him to officially enter the National Assembly.

Claire Samson speaks into a microphone while Eric Duheim questions her during a press conference at the National Assembly.

Claire Samson has decided not to run in the 2022 provincial election.(File photo)

Photo: The Canadian Press/Jacques Bossinot

In 2021, the PCQ Blue enters the salon to thank Claire Samson for knocking on the door to Francois Legault’s party. Since then, Eric Duheim has not hidden his desire to repeat such a scene.

Could it be Mister Provençal?

He is a very challenging person.Philippe DuBois responds. He has an interesting political background which would be a good catch for conservatives.

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Alexandre Duvall and Louis-Simon Lapointe