This historic castle in Scotland is for sale for 30 lakh rupees, but there’s a big catch

This historic castle in Scotland is for sale for 30 lakh rupees, but there’s a big catch

It has been vacant since the 1980’s

A historic castle on the Isle of Fitlar in Shetland, Scotland, is being sold for just £30,000 (Rs. 30,71,872), well below the average price for an apartment in the UK. BBC mentioned. However, there is a big problem.

The 200-year-old castle is built on 40 acres of land and has folly towers, a courtyard and walled gardens. However, the cost of refurbishing the dilapidated building means that potential buyers may need £12 million (Rs. 1,22,95,57,129) to cover the repairs.

The Brough Lodge Trust, responsible for the sale, has appealed to a “philanthropist” to take up plans to turn the site into a world-class retreat. Their proposals include keeping the existing building, as well as creating a 24-bedroom and restaurant

“The vision is simple yet effective, Brough Lodge…to be transformed into a world-class retreat that will delight all who visit,” says the Brough Lodge Trust on their website.

We hope that the philanthropic entrepreneur will share our vision and take up the project. Proceeds from the sale of the property will be used for the Trust’s work in supporting the teaching of hand knitting to the children of Shetland School.

The trust said the castle’s location would make it an ideal location for yoga retreats.

Brough Lodge is situated at the north west end of Fetlar and is a Category A listed building of national importance.

It was built by a merchant named Arthur Nicholson and was inspired by the architecture he saw while touring France, Switzerland and Italy.

It has been uninhabited since the 1980s, when the last occupant, Lady Nicholson, left, making it a unique building on the island with a population of just 61.

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Olive Borland, the last remaining heir to the Nicholson family, transferred the entire estate to the Brough Lodge Trust in 2007 and is one of the trustees.

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