Thousands of guns have been stolen in Ontario

Our Bureau of Investigation has discovered that a semi-trailer truck stolen yesterday in Ontario may have contained thousands of guns en route to Quebec.

The burglary took place at around 3am in the yard of a trucking company located on Park East Road in Peterborough, northeast of Toronto, according to local police.

In total, our sources suggest that the heavyweight will have approximately 3,500 .22 caliber guns and about 6,500 magazines.

However, Peterborough police said in a statement that there appeared to be no ammunition in the trailer.

All Canadian police forces have been notified of the disappearance of the large ship, which could have been towed by a white cargo Cascadia.

But according to our information, there is good reason for the authorities to believe that the load may be in the direction of Quebec.

Worrying plane

.22 Although caliber rifles are commonly used to hunt small games, the fact that they can be modified or illegally sold with malicious intent worries police circles consulted by Le Journal.

However, our sources point out that thieves may have unknowingly targeted the contents of the truck and that it is difficult to dispose of large quantities of stolen weapons.

Note that our Bureau of Investigation reported at the end of January that less than 2,000 illegal firearms were currently in circulation in Montreal.

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