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Travis Kelsey at Kelsey Jam Music Festival and Taylor Swift

Travis Kelsey at Kelsey Jam Music Festival and Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce continues his back-to-back Super Bowl wins with the return of his Kelce Jam music festival.

Lil Wayne, Diplo and 2 Chainz will perform at the event on May 18 at the Azzurra Theater in Kansas City, Kansas. Fans can register online at KelceJam.com For pre-sale tickets, which start at $49.99 and go on sale Friday. Takis will stream the event live across the NFL star and Kelce Jam's social channels.

“It was such a blast that I had to do it again this year. I'm so excited,” Kelsey says. Hollywood Reporter. “I wanted to keep it fresh and keep it fresh, so this year we asked Lil Wayne, Diplo and 2 Chainz to come out and perform. And of course, we still have DJ Irie and my guy DJ EV, jumping in, hometown kid. We got to show our hometown love.”

He continues, “But it's going to be so much fun and I can't wait to come back and celebrate with KC, man. It's just a blast every time we can get together to celebrate these back-to-back events.” [Super Bowl wins] for the last time.”

Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs won their second straight Super Bowl in February, defeating the San Francisco 49ers this year and the Philadelphia Eagles in 2023. The team earned its first Super Bowl win in 2020.

Travis Kelsey

Travis Kelsey.

Kyle Rivas/Getty Images

Last year's inaugural Kelce Jam featured 20,000 attendees and was headlined by Rick Ross and MGK, who Kelce performed side by side on stage. In addition to music, this year's event, presented by Jim Beam, will include pop-ups by local Kansas City restaurants and interactive activities. Kelce is once again teaming up with Medium Rare, the company behind major pre-Super Bowl events like Shaq's Fun House with Shaquille O'Neal, Gronk Beach with Rob Gronkowski, Sports Illustrated's The Party, and Guy's Flavortown Tailgate with Guy Fieri.

Kelce says he contacted Medium Rare to help him produce his festival after attending Gronk Beach at the 2022 NFL Draft in Las Vegas.

“We've found a winning model that allows us to work with some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment to execute on their vision for fan experiences at the highest level,” says Joe Silberzweig, co-founder and co-CEO of Medium Rare. . “By partnering with talent 50/50, it means it's not just a celebrity appearance or endorsement opportunity, it's a festival that's really built around their DNA.”

“It's really cool to see what an impact Travis Kelce has,” adds Adam Richman, co-founder and co-CEO of Medium Rare. “Last year fans lined up at 5 a.m., and some even camped out for the festival despite the rain. This year, we feel “Already this excited tenfold, from the fans to our brand partners. It really says a lot about Travis, a huge international superstar, that he wants to bring Kelsey Jam back to Kansas City and celebrate at home.”

In an interview, Kelsey, 34, talked about his festival, what he learned about producing live events from pop star girlfriend Taylor Swift and the success of his podcast with his brother Jason.

You ended up on stage at last year's festival – will we see you? performance once again?

I don't know about performance. I'll leave it to the professionals, but you'll see me up there with the mic having some fun and trying to keep the crowd buzzing, and everyone excited for the next chapter. But yeah, I can't help myself, man. Once I have the microphone in my hand, you never know what I'm going to do.

Travis Kelsey

Travis Kelsey.

This festival is one way for you to show love to Kansas City. Talk about your connection to the city and how its energy helps you emerge in life and in the field.

Oh yeah, man, Chiefs Kingdom, I was so lucky to land in one of the biggest cities in sports, not to mention one of the biggest franchises in the NFL due to the fan base. And not only that, but getting into the community, being part of the community with my institutions 87 & running And all the things we've done for the kids in the area, it embraces a city that I absolutely love being a part of. Arrowhead Stadium is definitely the loudest stadium in the world, and we hear them at every stadium we go to. With Arrowhead Stadium being the loudest stadium in the world, it's something that has the upper hand and I'm very happy to have it. I cherish every match and every time I go out in front of the community.

Lil Wayne is headlining, and has nearly 200 hits. What is your favorite Lil Wayne song and why?

My favorite Lil Wayne song? I won't lie. I'm so excited to have him and 2 Chainz in the building because that's my favorite song “Boy's duffle bag.” I still listen to it to this day before games and everything.

What was it like doing the festival for the first time last year, and are there things you want to do differently the second time around?

To be honest, I was having so much fun, I couldn't even imagine it would get any better. But I think with so little hype this year, everyone had a great time. There has been such good feedback that we have more and more sponsors. This year we will definitely still be on the food side. So, Uber eats at the merchant's line. We'll have local spots from Kansas City, and lots of Kansas City favorites. On top of that, there's obviously some great music. But I think last year was so great, so smooth, so perfect for the first year that it will continue to get better as the years go by.

Last year, I received great reviews for hosting Saturday Night Live She mentioned the possibility of doing scripted comedy. Is this something you've been able to explore?

It still is, and I'm here in Los Angeles trying to get more comfortable in the entertainment world before we get back into football, knowing that this is my primary focus in my life, and it always will be until I can. You're done playing. But I'm definitely still involved in the script world, the entertainment world, and we'll see where that path takes me. I'm very excited, but at the same time, I know I'm an amateur in this world, so I should definitely feel comfortable, I don't know, putting my own creativity into this.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.

Eric W. Rasco/Sports Illustrated via Getty Images

You're producing your second festival and participating in the live music space, while Taylor Swift played one of the biggest live music events ever last year with her Eras Tour. Did you learn anything from watching her do it?

(He laughs). She did: Don't try to be Taylor, that's what I learned. Yes, it's in a whole other stratosphere. She's the best at what she does for a reason. This is because she is very clear and very connected with everything she does. That's the beauty of it. I'd be silly if I tried to take anything away from what you do, other than enjoy the people who attend. I think that's probably the only thing I can take away from that: it really connects with the people she's performing in front of, so I'll take that.

It's not easy to do her four-hour concert…

It's embarrassing.

Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce

Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

You and your brother podcast, new Horizons, was nominated for a Webby Award this morning. Were you surprised by the strong response?

I mean, without a doubt, I was surprised. I think everyone was shocked at how it could turn out this way. But we just started out wanting to showcase our sisterhood and similarities knowing that we are actually two different walks of life. But when you gather us around each other, you can see why we're brothers, and you see how much love, how much appreciation we have for each other to get to where we are in our lives. And we wanted to showcase that. We wanted to give people a first-hand look at what it's like to be at the lunch table or the dinner table with Jason and Travis Kelce. And I think it's been great to see how everyone appreciates that, not to mention the Super Bowl that we had, and being able to showcase our family and that side. I think it's just been an incredible amount of support that I couldn't thank you more.

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