Two cases of COVID-19 in Quebec

Only two cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the Capitol-National region in the last 24 hours, and this has not been seen in the region for many years.

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In comparison, the number of cases identified in and around Quebec in the past week has fluctuated from six to nine per day, while the number of cases reported on June 13 should go up and find a two-figure balance sheet.

However, Capitol-National alone did not perform well in central and eastern Quebec. Boss-Saint-Laurent, with 0 cases, and Sagovene – Lock-Saint-Gene, with two infections, are consistently beautiful.

The Saudier-Appalachian area, which was abused by a major eruption in Pius this spring, is also reeling from the five contaminants found in the past 24 hours or as reported in Saturday’s report.

None of these regions estimated a new death on Sunday.

Overall, Quebec has listed just 103 new infections in the past day, with an additional two deaths.

Most epidemics continue to occur in metropolitan areas, including Montreal, Laval, Montreux, Lanadier and Laurentians.

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