Two Montreals were killed in a Florida crash

Two young Montreal travelers who were traveling together were tragically killed when a building collapsed on June 24 near Surfside, near Miami.

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“The girls wanted to meet together before they went in different directions in their lives … last trip together … to Miami …”, Larissa Cromova, mother of Anastasia Cromova, who died in the disaster in Florida, wrote on Facebook. .

Anastasia Cromova, 24, was on vacation with her best friend Michael Pasos, 23, in the Miami area, with whom she studied marketing at McGill University.

Both women began good careers, working as a writer for the Cromova Montreal advertising agency Cossette, and Pasos, who works at the international business consulting firm Accenture.

The agency said it was “deeply saddened by the loss of Michael and his father” and expressed its condolences to all those affected by the tragedy.

For its part, Cossette responded by email Tuesday evening, hoping it would shock the news even more.

“We are wholeheartedly with Anastasia’s family and loved ones,” a group spokeswoman said.

Two young women were staying on the 4th floor of a collapsed building on the Surface. Apartment 412 is owned by Michael’s father, Miguel Pasos.

Further research

The 55-year-old was also killed on June 24, according to the Miami-Date Police Department. He was the second Canadian to be found lifeless in the rubble of the building.

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The bodies of Anastasia Cromova have not yet been found on Tuesday, 27 days after the condominium tower collapsed, when the bodies of Miguel and Michael Pasos were taken out of the rubble.

According to Global Affairs Canada, four Canadians were killed in the tragedy.

In addition to Miguel Pasos, Michael Pasos and Anastasia Kromova, 66-year-old Montreal Ingrid Ainsworth, who lived with her husband, was found dead when the building collapsed. She was the first Canadian to be discovered.

Nearly 100 people died

Authorities say at least 97 people have been killed in the tragedy. As of Tuesday, 95 victims had been identified.

“It is very difficult to identify the victims,” ​​the Miami mayor’s office said Sunday.

The 12-story building partially collapsed for a hitherto unknown cause. The investigation continues.

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