September 25, 2023

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Ubisoft XDefiant fails to obtain PlayStation and Xbox certification

Ubisoft XDefiant fails to obtain PlayStation and Xbox certification

The launch of upcoming free-to-play shooter XDefiant has been delayed after Ubisoft shared the title failed to receive certification on PlayStation and Xbox platforms. The game was expected to be released at the end of last month, but after this setback, the new release date depends on whether platform holders Sony and Microsoft give it a pass in the next couple of weeks. If they do, the launch could be scheduled for the end of September. If a one-day update is needed to fix any lingering issues, XDefiant will be released in early October.

In a surprisingly open place Blog post For the community, executive producer Mark Rubin is sharing more details surrounding the submission process ahead of release. He reveals that the application process for platform holders does not depend on the quality of the game; Rather, it is about looking for “compliance errors.” They are flaws with how the title interacts with each console – examples given include trophies being tracked correctly and whether friend lists are updated with the correct information. These issues are completely separate from the type of issues consumers face upon release, such as glitches or bad frame rates. As such, failure to certify does not reflect the quality of XDefiant as an overall experience.

While the developers are unable to share full details due to non-disclosure agreements in place, some have revealed them Reset the era How it is very common for most games to fail to provide their first certification. We only hear about this failure publicly because the XDefiant team chose to be very open with its community. Game developers have talked about very specific certification requirements that can prevent a game from running, such as controller button icons having to be exactly the right shape and color. It could be as simple as a game missing a warning screen before it boots into the main menu, or not having an alert when a save occurs.

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As Ubisoft prepares to offer another certification, it hopes to get XDefiant out as soon as possible. “I know it’s been a journey to get to this point and I want to thank everyone who has joined us along the way,” Mark Rubin said. “We really can’t wait to go live and share our passion and love for XDefiant with everyone.”