Uncharted movie review: This is how you don’t adapt a video game

Uncharted movie review: This is how you don't adapt a video game
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Zoom / Tom Holland plays the indie, he also plays Nathan Drake in Columbia Pictures’ Anonymous.

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Imagine a video game sequel where everything fans loved about the original has disappeared. Less action Simplest puzzles Boring environments Draw holes big enough to push the “Hog Wild” seaplane through; And perhaps worst of all, the main characters with lackluster dialogue.

I must add that this fantasy game starts with an endless 80-minute cut scene, only to be followed by an energetic action sequence that recalls the best and most choppy parts of the original series.

This is the first ever Anonymous The movie looks like. It is based on the popular PlayStation-exclusive game series of the same name, and stars the same main characters. But, while reminiscent of Indiana Jones, the movie doesn’t have the same hilarious, comedic, and action-packed elements of that series – or Anonymous games. How wild is that a video game that offers better movie-like thrills than the live-action version.

A brief overview of gold

"Professor, what is the other word for pirate treasure?" "Drake, stop asking me that question."
Zoom / “Professor, what is the other word for pirate treasure?” “Drake, stop asking me that question.”

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The last scene is the movie exception, and I’ll start from there, in case you wait AnonymousStreaming version, find this review, and scroll to the end. Like the game series of the same name, this week’s theatrical exclusive is all about surviving hand-to-hand battles and solving puzzles while searching for the jackpot for ancient treasure. AnonymousIts spoils are two pirate ships stranded and full of treasure, somehow hiding from all satellite and radar images or explorers for over 500 years. A villain takes over the ships and decides to fly them by helicopter.

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The thing is the series’ protagonist Nathan Drake (Tom Holland, Spider-Man: Homecoming) and his partner Sully (Mark Wahlberg, the fighter), I got to the ships first and got on one of them. Whoosh: They go up in the air, at which point they try to steal the sky pirate.

Most of the movie scenes with both Drake and Sully appear as: bored and in the dark.
Zoom / Most of the movie scenes with both Drake and Sully appear as: bored and in the dark.

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The film’s camera greedily follows the later nonsense, which includes rope-climbing old ships, clumsy jumps in combat, rope-backed aerial jumps between flying ships, and men somehow engaging in full-blown sword fights in 2022. At this point, the crew sees no reason to hide their intent: Introducing the most satisfying CGI-infused Indiana Jones fight the movie has seen in years.

Holland and Wahlberg wait until this end scene to settle into the groove. The combat is graceful and comedic, and he has finally landed in a world worthy of Chaplin. The banter and banter between the duo feels like a real, lively comedian for the first time in the entire movie.

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