US Midwest pushes to reopen border

(Washington) A coalition of US Midwestern lawmakers has formally called for the reopening of the border to vaccinated travelers to Washington and Ottawa.

U.S. The Midwest Legislative Assembly, which emerged from the Council of State Governments, passed a formal resolution at its annual meeting on Wednesday, calling on both federal governments to take immediate action.

Read the resolution passed unopposed among the delegates, “The Midwestern Legislature thereby allows the Federal Governments of the United States and Canada to immediately reopen the border for all who have been fully vaccinated.”

Canada-US to prevent the spread of COVID-19 The border has been closed to everyone except essential travel and trade since March 2020.

The qualification of these Midwestern legislators as “essential travel” is left to the discretion of the personal border authorities, which creates widespread confusion.

The resolution notes that Canada is the second largest source of foreign direct investment in the United States, supporting about 500,000 jobs there, and that both countries amassed $ 48 billion in bilateral agricultural trade in 2019, before the outbreak.

He describes this relationship as the world’s richest with more than a trillion dollars in trade and investment each year, but it depends on the “efficient movement of people, goods and services” to function properly.

The legislature includes Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin, as well as the province of Saskatchewan. Co-members are Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario.

Will there be new relaxations?

Boundary restrictions are extended each month for more than a year and expire again on July 21st.

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Canada began gradually easing isolation measures last week, but only for fully vaccinated citizens, permanent residents and other eligible travelers.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday declined to say when further changes would be made, but said an announcement on the next phase of action would be made “in the coming weeks”.

Even before Canada does this, experts and observers wonder if the United States can lift its own controls on the border. To date, signals sent from the White House say that is not possible, at least for now.

David Jacobson, the former US ambassador to Canada under President Barack Obama, believes it would be less than optimal if the US decides to go it alone.

Now the Deputy Chairman of the PMO Finance Committee, Mr. Jacobson said in an interview that “people go back and forth, sometimes within a few hours” and that one page was open, while another said 14 days of isolation would “not work”.

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