Vic Fangio to Dolphins isn’t official until it’s official

Vic Fangio to Dolphins isn’t official until it’s official

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In the red corner, there is a string of reports that Vic Fangio will become the Dolphins’ next defensive coordinator. In the blue corner, Fangio himself has repeatedly said it’s not a done deal yet.

While it’s entirely possible that Fangio will sign the contract and become the Dolphins’ next defensive coordinator, no deal is made until it’s finalized. We learned this (or at least we should have) five years ago, when Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was supposed to become the Colts’ next coach — until he didn’t.

On Sunday, Fangio He told both Mike Cleese of and Mike Silver of the San Francisco Chronicle that the deal did not go through.

Silver posted earlier today that Fangio said, last Sunday night, “Nothing is specified on either end. “

Silver also noted, “There is an enormous amount of mutual respect between them [49ers coach] Kyle Shanahan and Fangio”. Fangio served as the 49ers’ defensive coordinator in the past, under Jim Harbaugh. And it looks like the 49ers will soon have a vacancy in that position.

minimum? This is not a battle between reporters pushing conflicting information from anonymous sources. Fangio himself says the deal didn’t go through. It would be foolish for a level seven to ignore the words from his own mouth.

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