April 17, 2024

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[VIDÉO] Legault prefers to honor the Canadian's obligations rather than talk about them

[VIDÉO] Legault prefers to honor the Canadian's obligations rather than talk about them

Prime Minister François Legault prefers to talk Canadians to the press rather than honor his election promises.

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Asked by parliamentary reporters after accusing the opposition of not respecting the state's downsizing, Mr. Legault, Wednesday.

Since the beginning of this year, the Prime Minister has lost the habit of answering questions from journalists on the corridors of the National Assembly before Question Time in the Blue Room.

The CAQ chairman will now answer questions from media representatives only once a week, and more often than not, outside the Parliament premises.

It is customary for the Prime Minister to answer journalists' questions, wish them a good day, celebrate their birthdays, and talk about hockey results.

François Legault sometimes pulls fruit out of his hat, as he did on February 21.

A broken promise

Contrary to what Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) had long promised, the state has increased in size since François Legault came to power, with 10,000 more civil servants, the daily reported Wednesday. Pres.

“It's another broken promise,” responded interim Liberal leader Mark Tanguay.

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PQ MP Joel Arseneau agreed. “We are seeing a violation of the main promise of the government, which said it wanted to reduce the state and reduce the size of the state,” said the elected official from Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

LeBel defends himself

Sonia LeBelle, chair of the Treasury Board, defended herself by arguing that, all things considered, the equivalent of 5,000 full-time positions were actually eliminated in the CAQ's first order.

“It's done,” the Champlin member assured. “We've cut positions that don't directly serve people.”

The minister responsible for government administration is justifying the addition of additional resources, particularly to health and education, by the increase in the size of the population and its aging.

“I feel that the posts we have added are necessary for the work of the government,” he opined.

Despite these recruits, “everything is collapsing, it's terrible: schools, hospitals, justice,” lamented Unity MP Haroun Bowazi.

– Parliamentary Office, in collaboration with Marc-Andre Gagnon