[VIDÉO] Saint-Phoebe Pyramid: “Very Rare” pictures of a man suspected of murder

On October 26, the victim’s sister and SPVQ called witnesses to stop the author of the murder of Michael Pettit near the Saint-Foy Pyramid and aired a video showing the suspect interested in the file.

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Michael Petit was stabbed on the evening of October 26 near the Pyramid of Saint-Phoebe. The 37-year-old victim then moved to the edge of Avenue Nérée-Tremblay, where she lost a lot of blood before being taken to hospital. His death was later confirmed.

Almost two months after the murder, no suspects have been chargede Murder of the Year in Quebec City. A 25-year-old man was arrested a few hours after the play, but was released after a lengthy investigation as SPVQ investigators were unable to link him to the murder.

Police have released a video of the person interested in conducting the investigation.

Screenshot, courtesy of Video

Police have released a video of the person interested in conducting the investigation.

“It simply came to our notice then. He was the victim of a murder that has nowhere to go, ”said Michael Pettit’s younger sister, who spoke to the media to ask people for help. MMe Pettit wants to “have answers” in the hope of grief.

“I hope everything is known,” she greeted passionately. “It’s hard, really,” she finished with tears.


Quebec police have also released a video showing a “more interested person” in an attempt to advance an investigation. In the seconds-long video, a man wearing a blue practical mask and black hood can be seen walking briskly through the Saint-Phoebe Pyramid Hall.

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“In a murder case, video distribution is very rare,” spokesman David Boydros argued. In fact, in order to avoid contaminating a potential arbitral tribunal, the proliferation of witnesses until the trial is guarded with jealousy.

“The purpose is to carry out an investigation and eventually make an arrest,” he said. Poytros explains. This is the third time a command post has been set up in the area in connection with the yet-to-be-solved murder.

Michael Pettit, 37

  • About 8:50 pm: Call 9-1-1 for a person who is losing a lot of blood near the Saint-Phoebe Pyramid.
  • 2e Annual homicide in SPVQ area: imposition perimeter. Several police officers and investigators assisted with a dog handler

  • The next day at 11:30 am: GTI arrested a 25-year-old man
  • The person known to the police will be released without charge
  • 9pm: Many of Michael Pettit’s friends gather at the scene of the murder.

Interested person:

  • Coat, hood jacket, pants and black shoes
  • Blue practical mask on face
  • A brisk walk through the Saint-Phoebe Pyramid

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