Vikings Project Louis Cinemas: Double the coverage in the First Scroll League

Vikings Project Louis Cinemas: Double the coverage in the First Scroll League

NFL Draft 2022 Tracker: Live blog and analysis by choice

After trading down 20 points from No. 12, the Minnesota Vikings Lewis Cine was named Georgia safety with the No. 32 pick in NFL Project. With two linebackers finishing third and fourth overall, the Vikings didn’t find much value in 12th and saw an opportunity to get top-tier players with picks #32 and 34.

“It was one of our teenage goals,” said Cine General Manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah.

In describing Cine, Adofo-Mensah mentioned his group several times and also praised his competitiveness, intelligence and athleticism.

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Big painting arrangement: Cine was the 33rd ranked player in Dane Brugler’s big plate as well as in Grand Council by consensus And third in safety, behind Kyle Hamilton and Daxton Hill.

an introduction: the athleteSeth Emerson cinematic overviewdescribing him as a reliable, do-it-all player who calmly led a star-studded defense without drawing the attention of fans such as Nacube Dean, Jordan Davis and Devonte White.

“Cine has done the job in solid safety for the past couple of years,” he wrote, “playing when needed at the back end and rarely the man who was around the ball to play big. If there was a weakness in Georgia’s defense last year, it was probably secondary. , which sometimes had a leak in coverage. But Cine was the one who settled things at the back, preventing things from deteriorating in passes and being so reliable in running defense. He was the cleaner in Georgia high school.”

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Cine was born in Haiti but grew up in Florida before moving to Texas, where he was identified as a four-star by college recruiters. One of the best recruits in a football-obsessed state, Cine’s commitment to Georgia paid off after he began two years in their historic defense and led the team in maneuvers in the championship season.

The former Bulldog has remarkable speed and ran a 4.37-second 40-yard dash, which is clearly visible on the field. His strikingly wide jump of 11 feet one inch underscores his explosiveness.

Bruegler summed up cinema as a versatile player. “With his wide range, explosiveness and appetite for communication, Cine is a safe way to do it all and led Georgia’s talent-rich defense in both tackles and passes defended in 2021,” he said. “Although he has room to arrange his tackle technique, at his best as a physical defender, he runs the lane like a freight train and sets his target. Overall, Cine lacks the perfect size by NFL standards and has marginal ball skills, but he is an outlet versus running with the sport. In coverage to provide plays.He is a rising talent with NFL starting skills, similar to Xavier McKinney as a possibility.”

How does it fit: Vikings will have to get creative about getting a cinema out on the field if they stick to it Camryn Bynum As they indicated. The Vikings hire outside quarterback coach Mike Smith and his defensive assistant Mike Petain, both of whom have coached Packers Defenses with extensive implementation of “Dime” defenses.

Given Bynum’s history as a cornerback at Cal, they may take advantage of his versatility to put some confusing defensive looks on the field. It’s definitely something Ed Donatel did to him Karim Jacksonwho played Cornbeck for Texas before joining Bronco as safety. However, it’s nothing more than a Personnel sub-package, and not a primary defense, so they’ll have to make decisions about which Cine, Bynum, and Harrison Smith They will be placed on the field at one time.

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Whatever the case, Cine provides a long-term solution when Harrison Smith finally retires.

Second guess? The real second guess is whether the Vikings stayed at 12 and chose a player like fellow safety Kyle Hamilton or a selection that actually was made there, receiver Jameson Williams. The Vikings stated that they had a few players to choose and that Williams was one of them, according to Adufo-Mensah.

As it stands, they faced the prospect of drafting Cine, linebacker Andrew Booth Jr. of Clemson or quarterback Malik Willis of Liberty. If Booth’s medical treatments go well, they’ll be able to add a player in the position of greatest need with the ability to instantly upgrade to more than Cameron Dantzler Plus a long-term insurance against Patrick Peterson’s eventual departure.

Rookie effect: Cine must be a ready pro player who can learn to defend within the compressed time frame of the off-season NFL Championship and can be ready to start right away due to his intelligence, demeanor and body. The issue isn’t whether he’s able to get into the NFL defense and play right away, but whether there’s room for him to play a large number of shots with an already capable safety room.

Coach Kevin O’Connell didn’t immediately embrace the idea of ​​a triple safety defense when asked about it after the selection, instead stating that they made the selection knowing they wouldn’t always pick players who best fit their needs as a team.

effect graph depth: Cine enters the safety room with a well-known star in Smith and a rising Bynum, who played well but with a limited share of picks in 2021 as an injury substitute. Xavier Woods Then he made his way onto the court with three safety sets. Bynum’s place as a rookie was never guaranteed, but now it appears there will be open competition in the other safety spot while backing up. Miles Dorn And Josh Metellus It is pushed down on the depth chart.

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Quick Rating: Cine is a fast player with remarkable physicality, a great sense of cover angles, and good anti-running instincts. His impact on the record-setting Georgia defense was significant, and he was excellent at preventing big play. He’ll have to prove his size matches NFL offenses, especially against running, and may not be a spinning machine, limiting his impact on erasure, which are high-quality O’Connell values.

(Photo: Jeff Speer/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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