September 26, 2023

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Weather in Quebec: The heat will be oppressive this Tuesday

Weather in Quebec: The heat will be oppressive this Tuesday

A warm episode and high humidity in many parts of Quebec could create instability with storm potential and lots of disruption.

So Tuesday will be hotter in the southwest and center of the province with temperatures of 29 degrees and humidity of 38, especially in Montreal.

But sunny weather will give way to afternoon sunshine and thunderstorms in parts of the St. Lawrence River Valley.

In Quebec, Beauce and Estrey, the clouds will be thick and the risk of thunderstorms will be high, although the heat will remain.

The weather alternates between sun and cloud in areas slightly further north, which are not spared from the heat episode, while the mercury soars above 29 degrees.

Environment Canada is predicting similar conditions in eastern Quebec, however, with intermittent rain or drizzle in the middle of the night, especially on the North Shore.

It will be even warmer for Wednesday, when Greater Montreal is expected to have a humidex of 40, according to the federal agency’s forecasts.

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