Welcome to Canada! | The Journal of Montreal

Welcome to Canada!  |  The Journal of Montreal

Great for all countries!

The poorest of the poor!


No money!


Go barefoot!

Even people who like a change of scenery!

Come to Canada!

We are open!

We are waiting for you!

The Wroxham Road Here to welcome you!

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week!

Just show!

We take care of the rest!

Justin will come in person to shake hands and give you the check!

Come, my friends, come!

Don’t be afraid of our border crossing!

These are just decorations!

They are symbolic value only!

We put them there to pretend! Soon, we will replace them with revolving doors!

You can come and go as you please!

Our customs officers are the most open people in the world!

A handshake, a wink, a joke, and off you go!

You are in Canada!

It’s as simple as hello!

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! Walkcommen!

We are a post-national state or we are not!

Do it yourself at home!

Pull yourself a log!


Sit where you want!

Either way, it’s Canada everywhere!

From East to West!

From one sea to another!

You don’t need to speak our language!

But we have no language!

We have no culture!

We have no history!

We are a hotel!

Four walls, a ceiling, a minibar and electricity!

Canada is not a country, it’s a privilege!

A right!

An expo pavilion!

An empty shell!

A storage space!

Do whatever you want!

Come, my friends, come!

We are waiting for you!

Proof we’re serious: We’ve given a close friend of the federal Liberal Party $28 million – without a call for tenders – so he can build structures to host you big!

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The Trudeau government paid over half a billion dollars to turn Wroxham Road into a living room!




All that’s missing is you!

It won’t be temporary, no!

Our facilities are here to stay!

It’s solid!



A village within a village!

Less than yesterday, less than tomorrow!

Take the number!

Come !

In Canada, you can find everything, even friends!

With the labor shortage we are experiencing, now is not the time to be cautious!

We do the same as PCU: we continue!

No time to sort!

First come first served!

Let’s see later!

If you ever get lost in nature after entering, great!

We love nature in Canada!

It’s in our nature!

Come !

Go to Roxham Road!

The most beautiful gateway to Canada!

Located – coincidentally – in the heart of Quebec!

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