“What does your mattress look like, and do you have scishmallow?”

“What does your mattress look like, and do you have scishmallow?”

Tik Tok Not without dating woes, but this woman seems to have had a very interesting encounter.

Vivian Smalls (Iraqi songs. mp3) published a Tik Tok I questioned her for information about a recent arthropod history she persisted in — that just got weirder after the fact.

“So, I matched with this guy on Tinder and we’re planning a Saturday afternoon brunch at this place across from me apartment Complicated,” she explains. “Saturday at 11:30, I haven’t heard a word from him, so I think to myself, ‘Well, he works at the club. He might have been up late last night. If he didn’t say anything the next day, Like five minutes I’ll shoot him a text saying, “Hey, if you’re not feeling this fine. I’m going to go about my day.”

Vivian ends up meeting her date at the agreed upon location.

“He’s hugging me. He’s not saying I look cute or anything, and that’s not necessarily a red flag, but when you add it on top of all this other stuff, it’s just, like, okay… he says.”

While sitting at their table, Vivian’s date admits that he doesn’t quite know what to say to her.

Then we sit and talk a little bit, and then he says, “I can’t think of anything to ask of you,” and I said, “You can’t think of anything to ask me about myself?” ‘He said no.’ I said, ‘Not a great start,'” Vivian explains. “Then they bring us the bill and he says, ‘Oh, they didn’t split the bill,’ and I didn’t say anything… Then he turned to me and said, ‘Or do you want me to pay for it?'” And I said, ‘I don’t care.’ that you do “.

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Vivian’s date ends with him paying the bill. They part politely, and Vivian assumes that this is the last she will ever hear of him.

“We hug, I go houseCall me Mother And I’m like, “Strange. I’ll never see him again.”

But to her surprise, Vivian receives a text from her date, in which he confesses to “kicking myself because I was so overwhelmed with how attractive you are that I wish I could be with you right now.”

Vivian answers, confirming that he said he couldn’t think of anything to ask her about herself. What you receive in response is a long winded text message with a series of questions.

“What’s your favorite artist and musician and do you listen to podcasts or speakers what’s your mattress like do you have a shed and do you like hiking or camping… idk that’s all in my head and it’s a lot,” the Tinder date writes.

“What’s this about bombing love in 500 Days of Summer?!”

Vivian’s video reached over 426,800 viewers in just one day of posting. Naturally, fellow TikTok users have thoughts about this mystery man and his questionable post-date behavior.

Someone asked “Brother why would they end a date and then act like they were in love when the whole date was like…”.

“Can you imagine the drama in dating this guy?!?! Another replied: TV series every day.

“What’s this about bombing love in 500 Days of Summer?!” one TikToker joked, referring to the 2009 movie.

While Vivian’s Tinder date didn’t have great odds of nabbing a second date to begin with, he seems to have sealed his fate with those contradictory post-date texts.

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