Wheel of Fortune player Megan Carvale is speaking out after the viral 'pink orchid' controversy.

Wheel of Fortune player Megan Carvale is speaking out after the viral 'pink orchid' controversy.


A Wheel of Fortune player who divided the internet has cleared the air after the viral moment that left fans wondering her answer as she claimed the infamous word has “haunted” her since the episode.

Contestant Megan Carval joined ABC's “Good Morning America” ​​for an interview Thursday and revealed what she said actually cost her $40,000 during the bonus round.

After guessing a few correct letters, a married high school teacher in California had 10 seconds to come up with a two-word answer for the 'organism' category, which she needed to solve a puzzle that read, 'P_N_' '_RC_ _ D'

When Carval gave her answer, it sounded as if she could say the correct answer, “pink orchid,” but it could also be faintly heard as “orchid thing.”

The “GMA” cast, which includes Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos and Michael Strahan, half-heartedly confirmed to several fans who made the case that Carvale guessed the puzzle correctly — but they also noted that she didn't quite stick to her answer.

That's when the moment of truth broke out once and for all as they turned their attention to Carval.

“For the history books [and] For this office—what did you say?” Strahan asks Carvalli, smiling.

“You know, I wish I had said pink because I would have been $40,000 richer, but I said something,” Carval admitted. “It's funny because when I went on the show, I was so excited to be a part of it, and I was so upset that I lost in the bonus round.

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Megan Carvale has joined ABC "Good morning America" - where she finally admitted that she didn't say the right answer.
Megan Carvale joined ABC's “Good Morning America” ​​— where she admitted that she actually didn't say the correct answer to Wheel of Fortune. YouTube/Wheel of Fortune

“Even just watching it again and thinking, ‘Okay, you just have to get through it, watch it once,’ [but] Then yesterday I woke up and it was in the headlines, everyone talking about the bonus round and I'm reliving this loss.

Carval said that despite the huge mistake, she received only positive feedback, adding that no one made fun of her.

Stephanopoulos thanked Carvale for her honesty, but joked that her family might have wanted $40,000 instead.

Megan Carvale lost $40,000 after her answer was flagged as wrong.
Megan Carvale lost $40,000 after her answer was flagged as wrong. YouTube/Wheel of Fortune

“Of course they do,” Carvalli replied, smiling.

Carval added that her 8-year-old son wouldn't give her a break as she walked home from the show, recalling when he said, “I can't believe you didn't get pink, I can't believe it.” Didn't get pink.

“That word really haunted me and now all of America thinks I said it but I didn't.”

Fans went crazy after the show's initial blunder, with many calling for Wheel of Fortune to give Carvale the $40,000 prize they thought she should have won.

“The woman was involved #Wheel of fortune “Bonus puzzle tonight, she totally said 'PINK ORCHID' at the beginning,” one X user said.

“I'm angry!! I understand,” said the pink orchid! What nonsense?! A third person added.

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