Who are Gumball and the goldfish?

Who are Gumball and the goldfish?

Spoiler alert! This post contains details from the season 11 finale The Masked Singerincluding the identities of the winner and runner-up.

Goldfish and Gumball fought over this The Masked Singer Cup on Wednesday night.

As revealed during the finale, this isn’t the first time they’ve shared the stage together. Some serendipitous timing meant two former co-stars were going head-to-head for the win. Ultimately, the goldfish — also known as Vanessa Hudgens — got the prize, but not before she knew it Bandslam His colleague Scott Porter was behind the gum machine mask.

“It shocked me. He said, ‘This isn’t the first time I’ve lost you. This is the second time!’ I was just gagged. “I couldn’t believe it was him,” Hudgens said of the moment Porter’s identity was revealed, admitting that she had no idea before the unmasking. “I would be a bad judge of the show, because I had absolutely no idea Identity of any person. So I was very surprised when he took off this mask.

Meanwhile, Porter says he knew Hudgens was a goldfish “right away.”

“[As] “Someone who had worked with her before, that voice was unmistakable,” he told Deadline, adding: “So I took a little moment to walk up to her on stage during a commercial break… I said, ‘I know you.’ You have no idea who I”.

Porter wasn’t the only one who was able to focus on her voice, either. Before the unmasking, Rita Ora also correctly guessed that Hudgens was behind the goldfish costume. To be fair, Hudgens says she wasn’t exactly trying to keep her identity a mystery. In fact, she was dropping more hints than anyone could have imagined.

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“The first performance was a song by Olivia Rodrigo, who plays Gabriella in the film High school musical series. It was my second song My love, come back to me. That was my first single, and I was literally singing some of the same songs I was singing when I was about 16 years old.

Just as Hudgens was surprised by Porter’s revelation, so were the judges. None of them could correctly guess who was behind Gumball, even though they got pretty close. Ora, who seems surprisingly good at this guessing game despite being a new judge, hypothesized whether Gumball might be Porter. Friday night lights Co-star Taylor Kitsch.

“At that moment when Rita said Friday night lightsI thought to myself: Oh my God, this is really happening. I guess it’s a badge of honor if they can’t spot you. At the end of the day, to get to the end without them having any idea who I was, I guess I’d take that as a win.

As the season 11 victor, Hudgens told Deadline that she had her trophy next to her during the interview. Although she’s no stranger to getting on stage and performing in front of an audience, she said this particular honor was special “because it has nothing to do with what people think of me or any preconceived notions about me.”

“It was really based on what’s inside me and what I bring to the table with my talents and it means the world, honestly,” she said.

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