Who was Kyle Marissa Roth? All about the late TikToker known for her controversial videos

Who was Kyle Marissa Roth?  All about the late TikToker known for her controversial videos

Kyle Marissa Roth, known for her controversial pop culture virality on TikTok, died at the age of 36 in April 2024.

The TikTok creator's family announced her death on April 15, 2024. However, her cause of death was not immediately revealed, and her sister Lindsey Roth shared Instagram Which the family did not know yet.

“My sister Kyle Marissa passed away last week,” she wrote alongside a photo of the TikToker. “As a family, we are still processing and deciding how to properly celebrate and honor her life. We don't know [what] “It hasn't happened yet.”

Ruth has gained traction on TikTok for posting blind articles about celebrities and sharing her strong and often controversial opinions on celebrity drama. She is known for her catchphrase, “You want more? I'll give you more.”

So who was Kyle Marissa Roth? Here's everything you need to know about the late TikToker.

She has speculated on celebrity gossip on her TikTok

Kyle Marissa Roth in July 2023 on Instagram.

Kyle Marissa Roth on Instagram

Before her death, Ruth had more than 200,000 followers on TikTok where she mainly posted videos about celebrities. I shared blind things, which are rumors about specific people from anonymous sources.

Gossip ranged from celebrities having relationships with each other to digs and speculation about their career moves. Although she shared the messages she received, she did not always agree with them.

“I have decades of blind itemizing with thousands of stars who have been married, engaged, and have children [affairs]”She said in April 2024 video.

I went to Lehigh University for college

Before Ruth found a career in social media, she attended college at Lehigh University where she played for the school's lacrosse team.

“I always knew about Lehigh because my dad swam here,” she said. Player biography On the school website. “What originally attracted me to Lehigh was its great academic reputation, then I learned that a new coaching staff had been hired and they were looking to build a top-notch lacrosse program.”

She previously had cancer

Kyle Marissa Roth in May 2023.

Kyle Marissa Roth on Instagram

Ruth has previously spoken about her health throughout her life, including being a colon cancer survivor, per The post I wrote on X.

In February 2024, the creator opened up about her health history, sharing some photos of scars from previous surgeries she had performed on her. Instagram.

“3 major abdominal surgeries. 1 Reconstructive shoulder surgery. “More than a dozen broken bones,” she wrote in the caption. “One torn meniscus. Several car accidents. More concussions. Collegiate lacrosse. Elementary school recess football. 3 internal organs are missing. But there are a lot of bad scars——-scars.

Her TikTok account was banned a month before her death

On March 25, Ruth It was shared on TikTok Her main account had been blocked and she asked her followers to file a complaint with the company so that the ban could be lifted. She added that her TikTok was her main source of income, and without it she would not be able to pay the rent.

“I need everyone’s help, this is an emergency please,” she said in the video. “It's almost the end of the month and this is the first month I've been making income again and I literally need this account to pay rent because I'm in such bad shape.”

Her last post was the same week she died

Kyle Marissa Roth in April 2023.

Kyle Marissa Roth on Instagram

Ruth typically posts several TikTok videos per day, the last of which was on April 7, 2024. Last videoshe joked about the 2023 celebrity reality show Special Forces: The toughest test in the world.

“Do you guys remember when Jojo Siwa and Tom Sandoval were on the reality show together? I can tell,” she said.

In the comments below the video, some fans began wondering where she went before her family announced her death. “Kyle are you okay? Where are you? We miss you here,” one fan wrote.

Her family announced her death in April 2024

Kyle Marissa Roth with her mother Jackie and sister Lindsay.

Kyle Marissa Roth on Instagram

Roth's mother, Jackie Cohen Roth, made the announcement on April 15 LinkedIn That her daughter died.

“My daughter Kyle has passed away. She touched some of your lives personally and some of your lives through her tremendous life on another platform,” she wrote.

She continued: “Kyle loved and lived fiercely. Nothing makes sense now and we will understand more in the next few days.

Ruth's sister also shared the tragic news on social media alongside a photo of Ruth with her dog Hamilton.

“I know she touched so many people with her sense of humor, intelligence, beauty, gossip, athleticism and more — she had so many gifts,” she wrote in the caption. “If anyone wants to reach out about Kyle, I'm here to talk and share memories.”

She added that she would update her followers about the memorial services as planned. Her comments were filled with condolences from both fans and celebrities alike, including a somber comment from Julia Fox who called her a “ray of sunshine.”

“I know I've never met Kyle in real life, but I really felt like I knew her. I'm so devastated and crying since the news leaked on TikTok,” she wrote. “I really hope she did [sic] “I am suffering and I hope you know how much it affects our lives.”

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