Why the LaBrant Family Song ‘Like Taylor Swift’ Divides Fans

Why the LaBrant Family Song ‘Like Taylor Swift’ Divides Fans

Everly Rose In her brave age.

The 10-year-old influencer who stars in Mom Savannah Labrant And stepfather Cole LaBrant‘s Social Media Content – ​​Her debut song “Like Taylor Swift” and an accompanying music video on September 4. But the song – inspired by her love of Taylor Swift– He quickly sparked controversy, if nothing else Jojo Siwa He steps in to defend Everleigh.

In “Like Taylor Swift,” Everly sings about moving to Tennessee to find out who she is, making her parents proud, and, of course, listening to the radio with her hair down in the back seat of the car.

“My hair’s blowing in the wind / Taylor Swift’s been on the radio all weekend,” she sings in the chorus. “Sweet tea, sixteen, on my trampoline, yeah.”

But in the bridge, the young dancer’s name drops a bunch of Taylor Swift song titles — and he’s part of it It went viral on TikTok.

“Every day all I want to do is this / And I do that like Taylor Swift / Like a love story / Like Dear John / Like Bad Blood / And kind of like our song,” Everly belts out. “Like I knew you were in trouble / You’re with me / Are you ready for this? / Are you 22? / I made you snap out of it / Or look what you made me do / You never grow up / You never find a lover / Sparks fly, five th / Can I have a rough summer?

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