Wi-Fi Blues Strike Hawaii Flights on all airlines

Wi-Fi Blues Strike Hawaii Flights on all airlines

The wait for reliable WiFi on flights to Hawaii never seems to end. And many of us have been waiting for years for Hawaiian Airlines Wi-Fi. On the subject, we have an exclusive update below from Hawaii.

Furthermore, we’ve recently flown several Hawaii flights across the Pacific in Delta, Hawaii, Alaska, and the Southwest, and we can report on those experiences, which were interesting at best.

We feel that if an airline promises WiFi, it better live up to passengers’ expectations, especially on long-haul flights across the Pacific. WiFi has become like electricity or other utilities. It is an essential component of the implied carriage agreement between airlines and passengers when offered.

Hawaii trips with wifi | Review by the airline

We spent a great deal of time checking out airlines and service providers and used our own experiences. Finding WiFi information on flights to Hawaii is still a challenge. Here’s what we know now. If you have any other updates based on your travels, please let us know in the comments.

1. $8 WiFi at Alaska Airlines | Hawaii trips.

last year, Alaska Airlines announced Flat rate of $8 per segment for internet service, including flights to and from Hawaii. Alaska said at the time, “Our flat-rate satellite Wi-Fi and expanded entertainment options are extras our guests will love.”

They also promised that their WiFi would be 50% faster than before and be available from the time passengers board the plane throughout the entire flight. The company offers free texting, too.

Alaska Airlines Wifi Blues: No WiFi was offered on the last two Hawaiian flights.

2. American Airlines Paid Wifi | Hawaii trips.

American Airlines says it has satellite-based WiFi on most flights to Hawaii. Costs range from $10 for two hours to $19 for the entire trip.

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Beat of Hawaii: We haven’t flown US for a while and would appreciate any input on WiFi cost and functionality to Hawaii.

American Airlines WiFi blues: Cost is not competitive.

3. Delta Airlines Free Wifi | Hawaii trips.

Delta rolled hard WiFi via satellite crossed its domestic fleet earlier this year. This included trips to Hawaii. They were the first to complete such a huge fleet. WiFi on flights has gone up from $28 for free, as long as you’re a SkyMiles member.

The Beat of Hawaii editors were on a brand-new (5-month-old) Delta A321neo last week and ready to go and report on their WiFi. The very gracious flight attendant was sad to say that the newer planes don’t have WiFi to and from Hawaii.We found it hard to believe in multiple ways. First, Delta has been promoting this as a fleet-wide satellite local WiFi. Secondly, this plane has only been in its livery since winter.

Sadly though, the flight attendant was right, and shortly after crossing over to the Pacific Ocean, the WiFi and text messages were gone – bummer, especially when they claimed it was working. We’re told that their fleet of A321neo’s is just that WiFi is not working across the Pacific. We’ve flown other Delta planes previously which had great WiFi, which made this even more of a surprise.

Delta Airlines WiFi blues: They just rolled out a new Hawaii A321neo fleet, no WiFi yet.

4. Hawaiian Airlines Free WiFi | Hawaii trips.

We’ve been waiting for Hawaiian Airlines WiFi to become available for many years. This is still pending, and now we know exactly where it is (read our exclusive update below). As a matter of history, Hawaiian Airlines said about eight years ago, in 2015, that the company was specifying WiFi logistics and economics for its flights.

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But while they were thinking about WiFi, all the other carriers skipped them with it, and Hawaiian was the last carrier without WiFi.

Hawaiian Airlines is preparing to launch Starlink via satellite WiFi soon. Last year, Hawaiian WiFi was tested for the first time, and it offered YouTube, Netflix, and video chat capabilities, among other things, even over the Pacific Ocean. Starlink provides WiFi via a series of small, low-altitude satellites.

Hawaiian Airlines indicated that WiFi will be free for passengers in all cabins at no charge, including on the 189-seat A321, 278-seat A330 and, eventually, on their new 300-seat Dreamliner. However, there is no plan to bring WiFi to the Hawaii Inter-Island Fleet.

Hawaiian Airlines exclusive Wi-Fi update.

Last week we spoke with Avi Manes, Senior Vice President Hawaii – Chief Marketing and Communications Officer. Avi said their StarLink WiFi is currently being certified and insisted that this is a complex process. Maybe too, because Hawaii is the ultimate partner for the new service. Avi told us it wouldn’t be available until sometime in 2024. We were previously told it would be 2023. He also said that the new Hawaiian Dreamliners no Be the first to receive WiFi. The reason is that they cannot be equipped with WiFi equipment in the factory. So it will happen in the field after delivery.

Hawaiian Airlines WiFi Blues: Not available until 2024.

5. Southwest Airlines $8 Wi-Fi | Hawaii trips.

Southwest provides WiFi on all flights, including flights to and from Hawaii. The cost is $8 for the entire trip.

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Beat of Hawaii: We flew with Southwest recently, and the WiFi was so spotty it was pretty much not working. The company offered an $8 refund.

Southwest Blues: It’s Mostly Cool When It’s Working. No luck, but we’ll try again next week.

6. United Airlines $8 Wifi | Hawaii trips.

United Airlines says on its site WiFi page That price is now $8 per flight when available. Previously, UAL had some of the most expensive in-flight WiFi in the US. United says it’s only available on select planes that fly to and from Hawaii. This includes the Boeing 757, 767, 777 and 787. Please tell us about your experience with WiFi on United flights to Hawaii. We will try it ourselves soon.

United Airlines WiFi Blues: It’s not available across the entire fleet. We’re flying their 737 this summer, and it doesn’t seem to have WiFi.

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