Will the dolphins do another run at Deshaun Watson?

Cincinnati Bengals v Houston Texans

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Despite clumsy post Flores reports that the team’s ex-coach is the one who wanted the Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson And that no one else in the organization had done, the truth was and still is that the desire for Deshaun came from the highest privilege. As a source who spoke with Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said in the run-up to the 2021 PFT trading period expiring, Ross definitely wanted Watson.

Now, as the Deals window prepares to open, the question becomes whether Dolphins will ever try again to acquire Watson.

The team recently adopted a pro-Tua style. But this appears to stem from a desire to pin the latter’s dysfunction on Brian Flores. So how long will it last?

The problem the Dolphins face, in practice, is that Ross wanted all 22 civil cases resolved before the deal was sealed. For some reason, Ross was willing to trade for Watson despite the unresolved criminal investigation. If/when the criminal investigation ends without criminal charges being brought, will that be good enough for Ross?

Despite his current Tua-love, Ross wants a player on the shortlist for his quarterback. Tagovailoa is not on that shortlist. Whether the dolphins give him another year to try and get their remains. In the end, it may depend on whether a better option is available.

Watson will be available again soon. Ross wanted him last year. Does he want Ross Watson back?

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