Writers Strike WGA AMPTP Talks Wednesday – Deadline

Writers Strike WGA AMPTP Talks Wednesday – Deadline

The writers and studios are scheduled to meet to resume negotiations on Wednesday.

The WGA sent a memo to members confirming the talks.

“The WGA and AMPTP now have a firm bargaining schedule this week, starting on Wednesday. You may not hear from us in the coming days as we negotiate, but know that our focus is on getting a fair deal for writers as quickly as possible. We will be in touch again when There is something important to report. In the meantime, please continue to show your commitment and unity by coming out to the picket lines – for yourselves, your fellow writers, SAG-AFTRA, other union members, and all those in our community who have been impacted by the strikes. The union noted.

This comes after the two sides confirmed, on Thursday, that they would return to the negotiating table.

There is renewed optimism this week that the two sides can reach an agreement as the writers’ strike reaches 140 days.y day. There was talk of internal friction between the studios and streamers, and writers picked up after a slew of high-profile talk show hosts including Drew Barrymore and Bill Maher reversed their decisions to bring back their shows during the strike.

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