April 17, 2024

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YouTube Music is testing live lyrics with the latest Casting UI

YouTube Music is testing live lyrics with the latest Casting UI

Such as I hinted earlierYouTube Music is getting live lyrics as part of the Casting UI which some users have already received.

When casting YouTube Music from Android phone to Chromecast Ultra, A Reddit user today Sees a new user interface. Instead of the album artwork, song name, and artist centered on the screen, they’re now out to the right with left-aligned text. This gives way to the live lyrics scrolling with the current verse highlighted in white. The background remains a blurred version of the artwork.

When the song ends, you get a “list of approved songwriters”. U/PmMeYourChromebook also points out how the old central UI will reappear when lyrics aren’t available.

Live Lyrics When Casting YouTube Music is not widely disseminated today. We started Cast to 2nd Gen Chromecast and Chromecast sessions with Google TV but to no avail.

via “u/PmMeYourChromebook.”

behind in OctoberYouTube Music told users to expect “more Lyric features in the future” after a partnership with MusixMatch increased coverage. Google said there has been a “positive impact on lyrics consumption rates since its launch”. earlier this monthYouTube polled free users about what features they wanted and offered “lyric improvements” as an option.

This would also be a great feature on the Nest Hub and other smart displays, something Google Play Music offers in late 2018and something from Spotify picked this yearwhich uses the same backend as Words.

Compared to Spotify and Apple, the lyrics available in YouTube Music’s Now Playing screen are fixed and not highlighted when a track is playing. It will presumably also come to mobile, but it’s unclear if the Now Playing feature will be redesigned to put more emphasis on lyrics, or if customers will still have to open the middle tab first. The user interface was It has just been renovated on Android to hide the dislike button and present left-aligned text, which is now a trend.

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