$1 billion more than expected for La Fontaine tunnel repairs

$1 billion more than expected for La Fontaine tunnel repairs

Repairs to the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine tunnel will ultimately cost nearly $1 billion, 40% more than expected, Quebec City confirmed Monday evening.

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Awarded in 2020, the contract to fix the tunnel, which currently involves closing three of the six lanes to traffic, was initially valued at $1.43 billion.

However, Quebec was forced to change payments to Renouveau La, the contractor responsible for the work, last August due to “much more advanced deterioration of the vault and tunnel walls and fire safety requirements than expected.” Fontaine (RLF).

Martin Alary / Montreal Journal

The bill will now total $2.5 billion, a 43% increase, fully explained by the additional $970 million paid to the RLF.

“The revised cost announced today includes additional interventions, costs related to the expansion of the site and improved mitigation measures,” explained the Minister des Transports du Québec (MTQ).

Keep in mind that the work, which will continue until November 2025, is aimed specifically at renovating the structure of the two pipelines, updating equipment and improving fire safety. MTQ estimates that this work could extend the life of the tunnel by 40 years.

SPVM collected $1.8 million in traffic management fees during the Lewis-H mission. fountain. However, there are less expensive alternatives.

For example, a cadet earns $18 an hour and a flagman earns $25 to $25 an hour.

Meanwhile, an SPVM officer is paid $100 an hour and $25 an hour for car patrol.

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Remember that the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine tunnel will be fully closed from Monday evening until Thursday from 9am to 5am towards the south coast.

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