December 8, 2023

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$1,800 per month for the Governor General’s dry cleaning

$1,800 per month for the Governor General’s dry cleaning

The Governor General’s $117,000 bill from 2018 for dry cleaning caused a stir in Parliament on Monday, but what exactly does the amount represent?

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Denis Labey, owner of Netour CST, explains that he was surprised to hear the amount.

In an interview on the 8:30 pm show, he said, “As a dry cleaner, I’m sure we’re still a little short to hear that today. Of course, I would have liked a business closer to the lieutenant governor. We’re talking about $30 a garment.

However, he argues that the amount quickly rises when other items are added.

“We sure didn’t split all the invoices,” he continues. It is still wide. Whether that includes bedding, curtains, when you have a somewhat opulent residence, we can certainly quickly talk about thousands of dollars when you start touching all the rooms of the house.

Sometimes dealing with public administrations Mr. Labbe explains that the average cost for a cleaning job is a few hundred dollars.

“Depending on the items they bring, you can talk about an average of $150 to $300 per visit,” he says. But we must understand that these are not repeated every week.

The dry cleaning industry is going through a period of transition as their machines must adapt to new climate standards, which can be expensive for some businesses.

“We feel there is a big shift to the new environmental standards,” Kleiner shares. All the old businesses that had non-compliant old machines, these are all dying businesses that will disappear due to the cost of the machines, which are compliant with all the environmental standards.

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Although working from home means fewer clothes and clothes to clean, the rise in popularity of thrift stores helps offset the lost income.

“We are going to get a little bit more in our revenue, with all the concepts like renaissance or the village of values, at the level of clothing alterations, people are trying to recover as much as possible. We have a tailoring department, which generates almost 50% of the revenue of the dry cleaning business.

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