December 8, 2023

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Mother jailed for 90 days for whipping her 11-year-old son

Mother jailed for 90 days for whipping her 11-year-old son

A mother who beat, strangled and belted her 11-year-old son over a trivial matter has been sentenced to 90 days in jail. This stepmother received a relatively lenient sentence to allow her other children to be cared for in her care.

“That was not the suggestion I had in mind. But Madam has two other children. It leads me to propose this sentence so that the children do not lose their mother. There is no evidence of abuse.” [ceux-ci] “, explained Crown Attorney Me Charles Doucet made this general suggestion in court in Montreal on Monday.

Judge Dennis Kaliatsatos upheld the recommendation and sentenced the 38-year-old Montrealer to 90 days in jail from Monday to Tuesday, along with two years of probation and 200 hours of community service. Note that the woman is employed and has no criminal record. The victim cannot be identified to protect his identity.

The story of this mother’s assault is particularly disturbing. At lunchtime one day in April 2021, the woman burst into a rage when she learned that her 11-year-old son had not handed in a paper from his teacher about the mandate he had missed.

“Come here, come here,” Mother commands, approaching with a black leather belt. She pulls her son’s shirt down and orders him to turn around and put his hands in the air. Then she starts hitting her legs and buttocks with a belt. The young man says he received “a lot” of blows.

An 11-year-old boy tries to run away from the apartment, but his mother stops him by holding his throat with both hands to the point where he is struggling to breathe. She lifts him to the ground and asks him to kneel. She repeatedly punched him in the face, slapped him and hit him with a cell phone.

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The mother takes the charger wire from her son’s electronic device and uses it to whip the latter. “I already have enough problems, I don’t need any more,” spits the mother, and her son cries. The boy tries to defend himself by curling up on the sofa and hiding his face.

After the beating is over, the mother orders her son to kneel down and stay still until mealtime is over. “If you say something at school or to your teacher, you’ll see…” she tells him. However, the boy reveals everything to his teacher that day.

At trial, the mother denied hitting her son — which she still denies — and instead argued that her son was injured in a fight with another teenager. She also described her boyfriend as “a fighter”. […] Rarely quiet” which sometimes struck his own friends.

One version was rejected outright by the judge because photographs of the injuries showed cuts and whip marks on the legs. Judge Kaliatsatos then ruled that he had assaulted the woman last May causing injury.

Me Mathieu Farasante defended the accused.