$800 deposit to secure three and a half rents at Morrissey

$800 deposit to secure three and a half rents at Morrissey

A tenant from Trois-Rivières found his lease terminated within hours of signing because he refused to pay an $800 security deposit, even though this method was illegal.

After visiting three and a half flats, the rental agent informed him of the conditional rent.

When the woman refused to pay the money, for two years, her lease was terminated on the pretext that the practice was always good.

“I’m not comfortable with this fee, said the tenant. You can ask me a month in advance, and that’s legal, I understand, but to take $800, when it’s hard to make money, I find that ridiculous. It’s not like they have a door or two, they have There are hundreds.”

The officer admitted that he was aware of the law. She admitted that it was illegal to demand that amount. He noted that there are tenants who are comfortable with the formula, as it guarantees them an empty, clean and healthy unit.

“It is illegal to request and accept a housing permit for fear of being denied,” notes Infologis coordinator Claude Jalade, adding that this method does not promote access to accommodation.

However, it was only a matter of time before the practice was legalized in Quebec.

The Quebec Landowners’ Association (APQ) has been asking the government for years to make the request. It’s a security issue, he said.

“It is an operating system that allows us to ensure that the rent is paid, and we have in front of us a serious person who will restore the accommodation to the condition he received, apart from normal wear and tear, underlined. President of the APQ, Martin Messier.

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“Right now, we’re practically the only one in North America that can’t request a deposit,” he added.

For now, tenants have the right to refuse to pay the security deposit and can appeal to the Administrative Housing Tribunal.

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