Attempted murder in Beauport: 27-year-old woman arrested by SPVQ

Attempted murder in Beauport: 27-year-old woman arrested by SPVQ

Quebec City Police Service (SPVQ) investigators have arrested a 27-year-old woman in connection with the attempted murder of a 30-year-old man in the Beauport department between Thursday and Friday night.

The incident, the circumstances of which are still unclear, took place on Saint-David Avenue around 12:20 p.m. The victim, a 32-year-old man, was found “semi-conscious” by a passing motorist who took him to Infant-Jesus Hospital.

Traces of blood were spotted by Le Journal in a few places near the scene of the attempted murder. Photo credit: Jeremy Bernier

Jeremy Bernier

The attempted murder was said to have taken place in a room on the street between Hevey Boulevard and Guimont Street. A bladed weapon was used to commit the crime, the SPVQ confirms.

The suspect, who was arrested Friday evening by investigators from the Serious Crimes Unit in conjunction with the Tactical Intervention Team, was also wanted on four warrants unrelated to the case.

The SPVQ notes that he is expected to appear today for these four arrest warrants and may face more serious charges.

Photo Agent QMI, Guy Martell

The victim, who was allegedly stabbed multiple times, was still hospitalized but was stable at the time of writing.

The SPVQ confirmed that the incident was not linked to a criminal group and that the suspect and victim knew each other prior to the incident.

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