A 10-year-old boy drowns on the outskirts of Saint-Phoebe

A 10-year-old boy drowns on the outskirts of Saint-Phoebe

We got a call at 12:32 p.m. […] What we had at the time was that rescuers found a 10-year-old child struggling in the water on the lake. By the time the rescuers arrived at the baby, they had lost sight of him in the lake, Service de Police de la Ville de Quebec (SPVQ) spokesman David Poitras.

Citizens on boats also assisted in the search, and only one of them found the boy.

Rescue workers began maneuvering, but the boy was pronounced unconscious in the Murray-Enfont Soleil during an ambulance transport center, where he was pronounced dead.

He was on a school trip with his company, the Filtio School of International Education.

Large deployment of rescue teams on the Saint-Phoe outdoor site

Photo: Radio-Canada / Steve Jollycore

An open investigation

John Richard, who was going on a picnic on the beach with his family, saw the scene.

We saw children playing in the water. At one point, we heard children screaming: “He’s been in the water for a long time, he’s been in the water for a long time”, She says.

The monitor who came with the children and the rescuers searched for the child.

Then, the ambulance and the police arrived. Baby, they finally found him. But we do not know what happened next with the baby, She adds.

Technicians from the Judicial Identity Unit went to the scene to gather information to help reconstruct the timeline of events. At this time, there are no criminal cases related to drowning.

As of May 28, the Life Saving Society 17 in Quebec will be submerged in 2021.

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