April 16, 2024

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Quebec City Hall: Bruno Markand catches Mary-Josie Sauvard in poll

Bruno Mercantile continues to rise, and within ten days, he was able to capture Mary-Josie Schwartz in the run-up to the mayoral election in Quebec; Both are now neck and neck.

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An exclusive leg survey/Newspaper Delivers inventory before voting. “It simply came to our notice then. This is the second time we have seen the Regis Labyrinth event, ”said pollster Jean-Marc Leger.

“The rise of Bruno Marchand continues. This is important,” Mr. Leger notes, adding that the leader of the Quebec Forte et Fear, which left 13% in June, has continued to rise and has now doubled its support, with the aim of getting 31% of the vote, affiliated with runner-up Regis Labyum. Continues to be “in position,” Mr. Leger notes.

Published by a Leger poll Newspaper At the end of October Mr. Provided 22% support for March. Since then, he has scored nine points, especially among the undecided.


“When a comet arises in municipal politics, it is difficult to prevent it. “

The outcome of the referendum is “unpredictable” and the city council will be divided by three strong parties. “It simply came to our notice then. It depends on the movement [en faveur de Bruno Marchand]. The movement is very strong at the end of the campaign. It will still explode. “

Yet 22% of voters say they can change their minds. This rate has dropped since the last poll because it was 39%.

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Mary-Josie Saward is enjoying some benefits, Mr. Leger. He can count on Régis Labeaume’s party’s well-oiled machine, and he’s a favorite of older voters, the people who vote, which means a pre-poll may be in his favor.

Bruno Merchant won his customers among young voters and residents of the central districts of Quebec: La Sid-Limoilo and Saint-Phoebe-Chiller-Cape-Rouge.

For his part, Jean-Fran்கois Kozelin gets points for men and 35-54 year olds. It has moved slightly, 22-25% within the margin of error. This is close to the 27% result obtained four years ago, during his first attempt as mayor, the pollster notes.

“She did not go to the polls for four years. But in the suburbs it has an important mass. In Quebec City, everyone would say: “I will not vote for him”. According to the poll, his constituents are very optimistic and do not want to change their minds.

Jean Rousseau has lost 5 to 3% of his feathers, while Jackie Smith is 4%.

Evolution of voting motives

If municipal elections were held in Quebec City today, who would you like to vote for?

Mary-Josie Schwartz

  • June: 29%
  • October: 31%
  • November: 31%

Bruno Mercantile

  • June: 13%
  • October: 22%
  • November: 31%

Jean-Francois Gosselin

  • June: 18%
  • October: 22%
  • November: 25%

Jean Rousseau

  • June: 5%
  • October: 5%
  • November: 3%

Jackie Smith

  • June: 2%
  • October: 4%
  • November: 4%

Not decided

  • June: 21%
  • October: 9%
  • November: 6%

Your choice is final Or can it still change?

  • This is the final: 78%
  • This may change further: 22%


The survey was conducted among 513 adults who speak French in Quebec City. Data were collected from November 3 to 4, 2021. The probability of an error of 513 respondents for the sample is 4.4%, 19 out of 20 times. Results are weighed based on gender, age, education, and district. Having a child (ren) at the residence and home to ensure a representative model of the city of Quebec.

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