A 27-year-old man has been shot dead in Plainville

A 27-year-old man who was shot dead Wednesday night in Plainville on the north coast of Montreal has died after being taken to hospital without treatment.

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The Plainville Police Department was alerted at 11:15 p.m., by calling 911, who heard gunshots in a home on the 61st.e Avenue Ost, near Boulevard to Cure-label.

According to preliminary information, police found the seriously injured man inside an apartment.

He was taken to a hospital in critical condition, where he was pronounced dead, said Audrey-Ann Piloto of Saratoga to Quebec (SQ).

The SQ’s Personal Criminal Investigation Department was tasked with investigating the circumstances and causes surrounding the murder.

Criminal technicians were called to the scene to try to gather evidence for the investigation file.

A SQ spokesman said investigators should also meet with the victim’s neighbor, but the suspect was not arrested.

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