Law reform 101 Francophones outside Quebec fears English-Canada hatred

(Quebec) The Federation of Francophone and Agadian Communities (FCFA) fears that the constitutional motives embodied in the reform of the French language charter will create “hostility to Francophone” in other parts of Canada.

Hugo Pillon-Laros

Hugo Pillon-Laros

In Bill 96, whose public hearings end on Thursday, the Minister in charge of the French language, Simon Joel-Barrett, plans to unilaterally incorporate. Constitution Act, 1867 Cubes creates a nation whose common language is French. “What we understand from our initial analysis is that, in fact, Quebec has the right to amend part of the constitution,” said Union Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last spring.

In a parliamentary committee meeting on Thursday, Leon Roy, president of the FCFA, stressed that the Agadians and Francophones outside Quebec recognize the Quebec nation and its ability to function constitutionally, but fear the country is “in the latter part”. .

“We have seen a lot in the past, and you can say that when you use a little more power, it is scattered everywhere. In the case of the constitution, it is important to do so when thinking about other regions and other provinces and territories,” he said. The federation wants to address that first.

Jolin-Barrett blamed Ottawa

According to Simon Joel-Barrett, the federal government was responsible for the inadequate protection of the French language outside of Quebec.

“It’s like walking on egg shells [et qu’il] We should not go too hard because we may shock others in the Canadian Federation. If Quebec wants to preserve the French language in Canada, we feel that we are under threat of retaliation against the Francophone communities in other parts of Canada.

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“The role of the federal government should be to protect the Francophone minorities [acadiennes] Everything is over [au Canada]. It is unacceptable that it has not been done for many years and resources have not been provided by the central government to various communities, ”he said.

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