A Canadian woman trapped in Afghanistan has condemned the military

The Canadian, who is trapped in Afghanistan with his parents, fears he will die before returning home to Ontario, blaming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for the situation.

Fakiha Pack
Canadian Press

Zack said on Thursday that the Canadian military appeared to be in disarray as he exited the Kabul airport, asking Zack not to release his full name for fear of his safety.

Crying 50-year-old woman, Mr. who turned his back on Canadian citizens in this country. Said to be angry at Trudeau.

How can he sleep at night [s’il] Did you know people left family? He told The Canadian Press in a phone interview.

Comment [le] The Canadian government can [dire]”We are the best country in the world” [et tourner] On the backs of its citizens? Can you ask him that question? Can anyone question him? ”

Jack said he left his three-year-old children at home in Brampton, Oct., and went to Afghanistan in August to try to keep his parents safe as the Taliban gained control of the country.

He made two attempts to leave before the end of the US-led military mission on August 31. However, he was attacked by the Taliban and chased out of the airport gate, where he met Canadian officials and asked for a return flight.

When the last Canadian troops left the country on Thursday, he tried to board a plane again, but was stopped by the Taliban, Zach said.

The U.S. military has coordinated meetings with its citizens in safe places, he said.

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“The U.S. government has contacted its citizens [les responsables] Gave them a place to go. They go there and take them there, or send them to hotels. They collect them from hotels, ”he said.

“The Canadian government can save its citizens in many ways, but it’s not.”

Jack said he received a call from the Government of Canada at 3:40 p.m.

“They said to me,‘ Stay at the door at 6am and take food and water with you, ’Jack said. When it’s dark, it doesn’t look sure. But I went there before. ”

Zach told her to wear red so the army could find her at the entrance where she would be screened for admission.

The Taliban opened fire and beat people near the gate. She met other Canadian citizens, kept her Canadian passport near her, and injured her head and knees.

There were American soldiers, but Jack said the Canadian army was nowhere to be seen, and he waited a while before leaving.

A few hours later, a bomb exploded in the place where she was waiting, she said. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base.

“I saw a lot of kids there. I saw a lot of them, all of them are dead now,” Jack said with tears in his eyes.

“I feel sorry for my people. They are good people with good hearts. Every day now you are waiting for death. It is a slow death for us.”

Mr. Trudeau was asked about the bombing during the federal election campaign on Thursday, saying it was “a very difficult day”. He added that Ottawa has promised to resettle more than 20,000 Afghans in Canada. Canada has flown nearly 3,700 Canadians and Afghan refugees in recent weeks.

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Jack’s youngest daughter, Marjan, 25, said the prime minister should be ashamed of himself.

⁇ [Justin] Trudeau was more interested in his election campaign, and he claims to balance the two. But it is not obvious, you can see it, ”he said.

“It’s like they’re going to the airport … but how do you get to the airport when people are being shot in the left, right and center? There’s no way to do that,” he said.

“My mother may need a miracle to come home,” said Laila, another daughter of Zack.

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